Entry 80 – If someone had told me….

If someone had told me this time a couple of years ago that I would be running and doing so in public where actual humans with eyes can see me and running in a vest with no sleeves to cover my bingo wings as they sway to and fro in the wind (which they do) I would have probably laughed at them after I swallowed my mouthful of burger or something equally tasty but unhealthy and not good for me.

If someone had told me that I would have not one but 3 bikes now and be part of a cycling club (who are awesome by the way #RomfordCC) and regularly cycle and wear cycling lycra which lets face it highlights every lump and bump I would have thought you crazy and worried that my ass may swallow the seat!

If someone had told me that I would sign up (this time off my own back) to ride 100 miles by choice for the second time I would have probably winced and thought about how sore my lady parts would be after sitting on a bike for that distance.

If someone had told me that I would have a blog laying it out there about my journey (sometimes a struggle) on this path to being healthier and fitter and lose weight I would have chocked as I sipped on my large glass of white wine.

If someone had told me that I regularly go the gym, am friends with some of the instructors, and have learned to love spin class despite the fact that it breaks my vagina I would have probably thought you were high on something illegal.

If someone had told me that Friday nights (like tonight) require alcohol intake to be monitored as I am cycling tomorrow early and my social life is planned around that I would have probably tried to have you institutionalised.

But I am doing all that and I am loving it.  Well most of it – I am still waiting to love the running but I do it anyway.  I am still waiting until I find climbing hills on my bike easier but I do it (whilst sounding like a panting dog).  I won’t yet run in shorts as I am not that brave – are you crazy?!

And I have received some lovely messages from people with kind words saying how they like my rambling on about this whole process and I am so grateful for that.  Don’t get me wrong its not easy and whilst I snack on fruit and my work colleague eats chocolate I do not have any bad feeling towards her (bitch) ha ha.

I am a work in progress and enjoying the ride and I had a message from someone on my facebook saying that they cannot possibly do it but I want to say if I can then you can!


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