Entry 95 – You can read this and laugh

After my first Functional Threshold Power (FTP) test on Trainer Road I got an average over an hour of 167.  It then created workouts based on my FTP and you go from there.

I thought I would get on with the training and so picked a workout.  I should have read the title as it was another FTP test but I had started so figured what the hell – I was going for another hour so might as well do that as an FTP – an hour’s an hour anyway right?

So I started – music on, head down, towel on the handlebars, water bottle next to me and I was off.

Again it was up and down with the resistance, with sprints and intervals and I was keeping in line with the levels set – probably went off a little too strong if I’m honest but will know for next time.


I felt good though by the end yep I wanted to puke.  It does that.  I have been told if I feel like I want to puke then I’ve done it right so as much as I don’t want to feel like I need a bucket nearby I think thats a good thing – maybe?

Garmin stopped, ride saved, brow mopped and glugging the water I was finished and my new FTP score appeared on screen.  I had increase by a whole…………….2! Ok so not the best increase but a marginal improvement and more training done so won’t complain.


Unclip the right foot.  Unclip the left foot.  Oh no the left foot isn’t unclipped.  Too late, lost my balance and fell!  That is right my friends I may be one of the very few people who can fall whilst on a stationary bike.  The bike toppled over, my left foot was still clipped in and as I fell my left wrist slammed into the wall.

The pain was instant!

For what was such a stupid thing I was very emotional.  After I managed to unclip my left foot and get up (which was not easy as my wrist was so painful) I burst into tears and I can’t even tell you what I was crying about more – the fact that my wrist was on fire or that my bike was on its side and I was worried I may have damaged it or the turbo.

Yep I have become that person that is worried about their bike rather than their health!

Go ahead and judge me – after you’ve stopped laughing that is.  It’s ok I don’t blame you.

I ended up at the hospital as I thought it was broken though it is just badly sprained.  The lady who gave me my X-ray results told me it wasn’t broken (which him indoors said – I hate it when he’s right) and went to get me a support.  This support would have fit a 7 year old and I tried to joke that I was too fat and she then joked that me and her were elephants.  It was all said in good humour but come on – not only am I at hospital but I am now an elephant as well – thanks love!

My god can I feel the pain though!  When I explained to people I had fallen off my bike and needed to go to hospital – they were all very supportive.  I left out the part that I was not cycling on the road but attached to a turbo.  My boss laughed at me and said ‘so basically you fell off a bike with stabilisers’.  He’s right.

Who does that? Me it would seem.

Thankfully I think both the bike and turbo are ok and I am hopeful that I will feel fully recovered by the weekend for my 117 mile bike ride on Sunday, though when I mention this to fellow cyclists I am getting some funny looks but I will not give up just yet!

I shall sign off now and am waving with my new attractive and rather fashionable (not) wrist support, which is a similar colour to Nora Batty’s tights – it’s not such a good look.


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