Entry 98 – Getting back to training and finding it tough!

With my current training schedule I have 1 maybe 2 rest days in the week.  Recently I had a pretty intense training course for a week and then a weeks holiday.  Whilst on holiday I swam a lot, got in the gym, did aqua aerobics and also yoga but it wasn’t as full on as my usual schedule and so last week when I got back I wanted to get straight back to it.  But it was hard!

I missed run club on Tuesday as I fell asleep – I was pretty tired.  Wednesday I had spin class, which was fun as usual.  Thursday I used the excuse to see friends to skip run club again – so bad, but I was finding it hard to get back to being motivated and so any excuse I was finding myself saying oh ok I won’t train….again!  On Friday I went to the gym where the amazing Emma had put me together a weights plan and we ran through that and followed that up with my first ever pilates class.  I loved it!  Already booked on for next week.  I did pretty good with it though some of the girls in there are super flexible and could bend themselves in half – not me!  When We had to sit on our heels and lean forward most of the ladies were literally  bent in half, I was ok but not there so a way to go.


With the weights plan I realised how weak my upper body strength is and when I say weak I mean almost non existent.  For now.  The plan is 1.5 hours and so Emma has split into three half hour sessions for me so I can fit into my weekly schedule – there is no enough time in the week for all this training!

So my new training plan is:

Monday – TrainerRoad on the turbo

Tuesday – Run club

Wednesday – Spin class

Thursday – Run club

Friday – Pilates

Saturday – Park run

Sunday – Romford CC club ride

On top of the above on three mornings I will also do the weight plan.  It will be worth it though.

I ran on Saturday with the dog and it was actually really nice to get back out with her again.  I won’t lie I struggled to get out of bed and was arguing with myself in bed to get up and run but I was warm and cosy and didn’t want to move.  I am pleased I did though.

Sunday I got back on the bike and I didn’t realise it has been over a month since I’ve been out on the bike and I was nervous.  I  had my new socks on though and it was a beautiful morning, although we were assuming it would be as cold as the day before so wrapped up warm and proceeded to cook for the rest of the ride like a boil in the bag chicken.  I thought we would be doing about 30 miles but 65 miles later I was at home.  I could really feel I had not been on the bike for a while.  It was thoroughly enjoyable though with all the great members of Romford CC and lots of laughing, joking and singing along the way.


I have damaged my bike though from when I fell off the turbo on it.  When climbing and going in the little ring my gears had a mind of their own and were changing all over the place.  Turns out I have a bent rear mech something or other but nothing the amazing Nate from Yellow Jersey cannot fix.  I don’t like hills at the best of time so don’t need my bike to play up when I’m on them.  One day I am sure I will be amazing at them but then again…….


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