Entry 122 -Human Race Sportive Series Launch with Dani King

Human Race holds a portfolio of events including running, cycling, duathlon, triathlon and open water swimming.

As 2016 begins Human Race are launching their sportive series and as part of the launch they hosted a taster of the biggest and best rides they offer by way of a sportive-style masterclass.  The masterclass was held at Nuffield Gym in the city of London.  The session was led by one of their excellent instructors, Martin, and included some of the hills from rides in the series including Box Hill, Kingsettle Hill and Devil’s Elbow.


During the class Dani King MBE, an ambassador for Human Race and Olympic Champion, was on hand offering tips and training advice.  Dani is a track and road cyclist with gold medals earned for team pursuit in the 2012 Olympics, team pursuits for 2011, 2012 and 2013 World Championships and also team pursuits for 2011 and 2013 European Championships.  In addition to these Dani also earned silver and bronze for other track cycling events and is a member of Team Wiggle High5.

IMG_3881It was an honour to have the opportunity to speak to a professional cyclist, with such an impressive career for some much appreciated advice.

We discussed my riding position on the bike, she noticed that I point my toes as I cycle – a very bad habit I have picked up from many spin classes that I have transferred to my road cycling and something I am trying to make a conscious effort to improve on.  We also discussed my toughest goal for the year being a 24 hour endurance ride from Newcastle to London and she gave me some hints and tip regarding hydration and fuelling.


I also got to catch up once again with the lovely Elle from Keep it SimpElle, a fellow blogger who I follow as she took part in this class also.


I spent the rest of the day at the gym (would have been rude not to given as it is quite simply amazing) and took full advantage of the facilities on offer!


So if you are looking to sign up for events for this year take a look at those on offer at Human Race and get yourself involved – you won’t be disappointed!

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