Entry 138 – Run Hackney Half Marathon

Yesterday I ran Run Hackney half marathon and I will mention now (and probably several times during this post) that it was hot!  It was the hottest day of the year so far and running in it was tough to say the least.  I saw two e-cards that said ‘I sure wish it was hotter and more humid out said no runner ever!’ and ‘I think the heat index during my workout today is somewhere between OMG & WTF’ and they seemed apt for yesterdays run.


This was not an event I had on my training calendar for this year but following my disappointment at my half marathon on Brentwood my husband signed me up and he was running with me.  I need to say now a massive thank you to him for running with me as I am not good in the heat and I found it tough.  However, most people seemed to find it tough.

I have never run in such heat, even when abroad.  I have never seen so many people collapsing and being taken off in ambulances or helped by St Johns Ambulance staff.  We saw one guy with a drip being put in at the side of the road. Later in the day the event organisers made a decision that people left on the course had to walk for safety and whilst I am pleased I was finished before then I completely understand the decision and think they were correct to do so.

We drank a lot of water, which meant I needed a toilet stop or would have wet myself so ended up in a kebab shop (of all places though I promise no kebabs were consumed in the making of this half marathon) where a lovely man said we could use his loo – queue panic as I couldn’t undo the drawstring on my new running leggings.

It was interesting as all runners stuck to one side of the roads, where there was shade, as opposed to running in the sun aside from the final 3 miles which had no shade and were a killer.

A really nice touch was in the final miles where the organisers had set up shower stations where water was being sprayed and this was much needed.  There were several people outside their houses spraying hoses, kids with water guns and people with water sprays around the course and I ran up to each and every one for some relief in the heat.

My husband was pacing me though it was clear from the beginning, as the race organisers had mentioned, that given the conditions this was not going to be a run for a PB.  Secretly I was hoping I would get a PB or at least a better time than Brentwood, however, as the day went on the sun got hotter and it was clear that the goal should be completing and nothing else.

No one I knew got a PB on this run, in fact most found they completed it, because of the heat, anywhere from 20-40 minutes longer than they usually do in the heat and so although my time was slower than Brentwood under the circumstances I am not too disappointed and it is all training, job done, medal got!


I think next time someone asks me to do an event in that heat I may well reconsider!  I wilted, melted, sweated and withered in the heat and was so pleased when I saw the finish line and got my medal.  Again huge thanks to my husband, I could not have done it without him!IMG_5427

I had several friends from work who also took part in the run, which was going towards our 50 for 50 campaign at work in which we are completing 50 events over the year for our 50th birthday. One of whom (the lovely Roberta) picked me up the rather fetching hat you can see in the pics and it was a godsend plus you couldn’t mis me with the bright pink hat on (I think my face was the same colour by the end of the run).


It’s not the cheapest events but it is on closed roads and for your fee you get a goody bag, technical t-shirt and medal.  A little disappointed the medal was not as nice as the one my husband got last year at this event and even more so that it doesn’t even say anywhere that it was for a half marathon which is odd?! Overall it was an amazing event and I think Run Hackney did East London proud.  The support from staff, volunteers, St Johns Ambulance, police, marshalls was amazing especially Run Dem Crew at mile 11.5!

And did I mention how HOT it was?!?!

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