Entry 140 -Trying to keep up with fitness whilst on holiday

I’ve just been on a two week holiday in the States and with me I took my running kit.  Running is not something I find easy and I knew if I took two weeks off I would struggle when I returned and was going to be going to some really pretty areas which would help motivate me to run whilst on holiday and so that is what I did.


That and the fact that I’ve been to the States a lot before I knew what to expect with portion sizes and how hard it would be to resist some of the tasty foods on offer – would be rude to travel all that way and not have pancakes, good pizza, bagels and lots of wine too!

I would like to say they were just casual runs, which in one way they were but I got lost on every single one – my sense of direction is not something to brag about.  Still I was not out to break any records (which is good as I am not that quick) and so took the opportunity to take photos on my way.

I ran in Basking Ridge, New Jersey:

Also Central Park in Manhattan whilst killing time as my husband took part in the Gran Fondo New York 100 mile bike race:


Next was back to Basking Ridge followed by Yardley in Philadelphia:

And finally onto Chicago to run along some of Lake Michigan.


As I ran I not only took photos of the areas but also houses up for sale because well you never know.  Could I live in the States? Absolutely! Either in the burbs with a house with a wrap around deck or in the city with Central Park on my doorstep – not asking for much really.

Whilst running in Central Park I found myself in the middle of an organised walk for Aids and being nosey listened for a short while to the speech being made which was very political and anti Trump and so I soon set off on my way again – as far as I could go as they were closing off parts for the event.

In Chicago originally I had said to my husband I intended to run round the lake.  Yes that is right I had no idea how big Lake Michigan was so when we arrived he pointed to what looked like the sea as you can’t event see the other side and said that’s the lake you are running round ha ha.  We just ended up running alongside it for a while – it was so hot and I am not great in the heat.  Absolutely stunning though.

In total I ran over 28 miles whilst on holiday and I am pretty pleased with that – also made me feel less guilty about having the odd Reese’s peanut butter cup and knowing the final leg of our trip in Chicago would be with friends who I could count on for a good drink – to celebrate their recent baby of course ;-p

Have a weighed myself since I returned? Um…….no!

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