Entry 150 – Blue Egg, Nuclear and Ride 100

I’ve had the best weekend and now I am ready for my bed!

I had a long weekend so was off from work on Friday and took a bike ride back out to the Blue Egg cafe with friends.  When you take the day off work to cycle you expect a little bit of sun – rude of the weather to be overcast and as we arrived at the Blue Egg the skies opened, which gave us an excuse to fill ourselves up on breakfast followed by cake.  I couldn’t finish my breakfast or my cake – I mean my blog name is Fat Girl Fit and I made a weak attempt I’m sorry to say.


Saturday saw a trip to my favourite place, Nuclear Races, for their summer BBQ and I took with my my husband, niece and nephew and met friends there too.  It was, as usual, amazing.  So many familiar friendly faces and everyone there to do one thing and that is have fun and get muddy!  There were so many obstacles to play on and the kids completely embraced getting wet and muddy I think I had a smile on my face for the entire time.


Sunday was the Prudential Ride 100 event and I took part with two lovely friends, Helen and Kat, who are part of our Newcastle to London team.  100 miles on the bike with friends was a lot of fun.  Minus Leith Hill.  I do not like her. She is a miserable old cow.


We saw a lot of the results of accidents on the ride but we continued and I had a great day.  Made even better with the amazing Romford CC members, and other halves at the finish line complete with new club mascot and amazing banner.  Couldn’t ask for a better club!  And that means that this week I have cycled over 275 miles so my training is bang on for the Newcastle ride!


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