Entry 159 – I get knocked down but I get up again

I’ve been pretty quiet I know and there have not been the regular blog posts as usual and there is a reason.

I’ve been sulking.  It’s not that classy. My funk well and truly wrapped its arms around me after slapping me in the face with a rather lengthy weight loss plateau.

So as you know I had a pretty nasty fall from my bike on my main event for this year and ended up unconscious and surrounded by a fire engine, ambulance and police cars.

It knocked me pretty badly and that combined with the toddler tantrum mood I was in was not a good mix.  Up until that point most weeks I was training 5-6 times per week.  Following my fall I was sore and achy and gave myself a rest break which ended up being quite an extended break.  Don’t get me wrong I’ve had a few events here and there but my training went down to once or twice a week if that.

Before then I was also strict with my food but found myself being easily convinced to have a take away if offered and the 1, 2, 3 glasses of wine.

I  was full of excuses I tried to justify as reasons I was letting it all slip.

At the end of the day I am still on my journey and I have 24lbs left to lose.  Well during my funk I also hadn’t weighed myself and I felt uncomfortable so I knew when I did I wouldn’t be happy with the number that I was going to see and I was right.  I had put on 10lbs!  That is a lot! Pick up a 10lb dumb bell at the gym, several bags of sugar, a sack of potatoes – you get the hint!  It’s like having an extra limb! I am not being brave and putting this in a blog post I am doing it quite selfishly to accept my accountability for it and make me turn it around.

I am getting back to it now and instead of thinking I’ve put on a hideous 10lbs over two months I am thinking that I have still lost 50lbs and that is the equivalent of a small bale of hay which is massive! So the goal posts have just changed and so now I have 34lbs left that I want to lose.

It would be easy for me to beat myself up (which I have already done) but I am just going to get back on track.  I messed up my diet,  I didn’t exercise as much as I should have.  No one died.  I’ve still got this.  I did it before and I can do it again.

My desire to change is greater than my desire to remain the same.

I started back on my bike but shorter rides that I will admit were painful and I was nervous but I did it at my pace.

I’ve started running again and although it feels extremely hard I’m doing it.  A bad run is better than no run after all, even if I do sound like Darth Vader from the moment I start to the moment I finish.

I’ve gone back to spin classes and I am leaving with a red sweaty tomato faced self as usual and loving it.

Most exciting is that I have signed up for a new six week fitness regime that started last night but I will leave that for another post to explain more about it.


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