Entry 164 – London Winter Run 10k

Yesterday I took part in the Human Races Winter Run 10k in support of Cancer Research UK.

I’ve managed to do this event every year since its start three years ago and have enjoyed it every time and would definitely recommend.  This year there was a record 16,500 participants – an amazing amount of people raising important funds for Cancer Research #cancersucks


It’s a closed road 10k run through the city of London.  As I work in the city and this route goes past my office I always find it slightly surreal being able to run rather than dodging people as I am used to Monday to Friday.

It is a slightly different run where you start off entering the starting funnel where you can see snowmen with snow machines to get you in the mood.  On course you will also see penguins and husky’s (people in fancy dress just to be clear).  Lots of high fives as you go – I always love the little children on the side supporting holding their hand out so tend to stick to the left to high five them.


The route is marked every 1km you pass so I made sure I stayed comfortable and steady and didn’t look at my watch just decided to enjoy it.

You finish to lots of polar bear hugs before you collect your medal, coconut water and lindt chocolate bar which was much appreciated!  At the end there was even a St Bernard for a photo (both fancy dress and real) – she was called Isobel and such a cutie!


Now from previous blog posts you will know I find running tough and don’t particularly enjoy it (unless there are mud and obstacles at some point), however, I really enjoyed this run.  There’s always loads of support on course and I will be eagerly waiting for the official photos, which will hopefully show some smiling and also my funky leggings from Tikiboo that I am sure helped on the day!


I clocked up almost 6.7 miles on this event in a time of 1 hour 1 minute meaning that I managed some personal bests as can be seen below from my strava – all in all I was one happy lady!


I will absolutely be back next year and as I said earlier if you are interested I would definitely recommend.


My race entry was complimentary, but all opinions are my own.


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