Entry 166 -My second 6 week course with the PT Barn

I did a blog post towards the end of last year talking about a 6 week body transformation course that I completed with The PT Barn (post can be found here).  I signed up again and have just completed the second course.

I explained a lot about what the course covers in my original post so won’t repeat everything.  The course is structured the same with Monday and Tuesday evenings having a 1 hour bootcamp session, Thursday evening having a 1 hour ‘strike’ session, which I have described as cardio boxing and then a 1.5 hour bootcamp session on a Saturday morning.  I did mention in the original post that over the 24 sessions not a single one was the same and again on the second course not a single session was repeated and I mean that in total as in over the two courses so 48 completely different sessions.


One of the biggest things I love about the sessions is the originality that they include and by this I mean that Scott uses the outdoors to the maximum!  We’ve had ropes tied between trees to traverse across, we’ve had cones either above or under trees as a mini obstacle course in the wood where we either climbed or crawled and we’ve used ditches and streams in country fields too.

I’ve tried to explain what the sessions are like to many people and I think most assume they must be similar to a gym circuit class.  Couldn’t be further from the truth. I took a friend, Laura, to a recent session and at the end she understood what I meant.  She loved it by the way.


At the beginning of the first course I could hang on the monkey bars but couldn’t move.  By the end in our final session I completed three monkey bars, which was epic for me.  I can now do 18.


I started one of our weights sessions picking up a 5kg plate and slowly moved up to 10kg depending on the exercise, I am now given a 15kg plate or a 20kg sandbag.

I started with a 10 minute timed run seeing me complete 14.5 laps of the football pitch and finished completing almost (but not quite) 16 laps.

During the course I ran the London Winter 10k Run and got a pb for my 5k (28 mins and 44 seconds) and a pb for my 10k (58 mins and 22 seconds).

I’ve lost 8.1 kgs and 6.8% body fat!

I’ve gained so much confidence and even though I may not be the fastest or the strongest I am getting there and trying not to compare myself with others as everyone is different and my journey is mine.  Before these courses I would have walked into a similar setting and seen others of a better ability and run a mile (maybe not run but walked off quickly).


I’m finishing the course running a half marathon with a lady I met on the course who is now a friend and I am running it to support her – I never thought I would be able to help someone else with something like that.

I am actually quite sad that I cannot complete the next 6 week course but I have to turn my  focus onto the bike so I get in enough training for my next big event in June which will see me cycle almost 200 miles in Sweden in an event called the Vatternrundan but I will make sure I still attend the Saturday sessions.


I would highly recommend this course – take a look here for more details!  If evenings don’t suit you there is a day time version of the course also now held at the barn – take a look here for more details!  It’s hard work, it’s tiring (as the above photo shows in my face – that was following 50 burpees and although I look completely done in I absolutely love this photo), it will test you both mentally and physically but you will get results and it is worth it.

And you get to train with such a great bunch of people – being part of that team really gets you through, everyone is so supportive!


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