Entry 178 – Training for a Spartan OCR

In a previous post I mentioned I would share some workout examples of how to prepare for a Spartan obstacle race.  Spartan are really good at providing workouts on their website and if you sign up to their newsletter.

Not everyone has access to a local facility that can replicate the sort of obstacles that you may find on an OCR though you will have equipment available to you that will help without even realising.

I am lucky that I have the PT Barn local to me and not only does it have great facilities it also has a schedule that includes bootcamps and is run by one of the best OCR coaches in the country, Coach Scotty PT.

Below are some example workouts that cover all three distances you will need to complete in order to earn your Spartan trifecta medal.

Beginner week1Beginner week2Beginner week3Beginner week4Beast week1Beast week2Beast week3Beast week4

There are also ways you can practice some of the obstacles at home such as:

  • tyre flip – tyres are available locally for most people and having one in the garden (as I do) means I can practice trye flips and drags and helps with strength.
  • sandbag carry – you can easily make your own if you don’t wish to buy.  To make you will need a woven bag to avoid ripping (can purchase from any hardware store), heavy duty bin bag, zip ties, duck tape and sand.  Fill the bin bag with sand to required weight and duck tape closed, put in the woven bag and duck tape and cable tie closed.  These can rip easily so tape the entire bag so it will be stronger.
  • bucket carry – this is one of the typical spartan obstacles and I remember on the super in Peterborough seeing many comments wondering how long the obstacle was as it felt like it went on forever.  To practice at home you can do so with any sort of industrial bucket (the ones used in spartan races do not have handles so practice on one the same), any matter to fill the bucket up to 40+ pounds (this can be weights, sand or rocks, which tend to be what you will find on most spartan races).  If you have a hill to use with this then even better as spartan do love a hill!

Happy training – Aroo!!

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