Winter Cycling Kit

This week I cycled twice and it is nippy out there lately!  I am well and truly relying on my winter cycling kit.


I have seen many posts about people looking for advice on what kit should be worn/changed for winter cycling and I think it largely differs from person to person purely based on personal preference.  Here are some of the tips I thought I would share:

  1. Firstly I swapped my bib shorts for winter bib tights.  I prefer bib shorts/tights to shorts but again personal preference here.  These have panels that are made with pixel technology giving maximum visibility in the dark and the inside of the tights is lined with a brushed fleece material.
  2. I then added arm warmers to be worn with my cycling jersey and a base layer.
  3. Next to come was the winter jacket!  I am snug as a bug in a rug in this!  No need for a jersey underneath so just wear a base layer.
  4. Lets talk gloves – it doesn’t take long to swap winter fingerless gloves for full fingered gloves and both my husband and I have tried many but our favourites are from Endura (FS260 Pro Nemo Glove and can be found here), they are made from a stretchy waterproof neoprene material with a cosy lining and also have a reflective trim and deep cuff, which is great as it means no exposed skin in the cold weather.
  5. The headband I usually wear is also by Endura (Thermo headband and can be found here), it provides insulation, is water repellent and fits nice and snug under your helmet.
  6. I did borrow my husbands Rapha hat yesterday and wow it gets a massive thumbs up from me!  It is a deep winter hat that is extremely breathable in very cold conditions, covers the ears and neck and sits under the helmet, the front panel and peak are made from windproof and water-resistant fabric, lined with merino wool, and I will be buying one of these for myself asap – not cheap but in the sale at the moment and if you are planning on riding through the winter it will be worth every penny!  It can be found here.
  7. I have some socks from Castelli that I don’t wear in the summer as they are too warm but perfect in winter and made from merino wool.
  8. Shoe covers are essential in winter weather (nothing worse than cold, wet feet).
  9. The final thing I add is a buff.  I have many from previous events and this is so versatile – whether it is worn on the head or neck – I put mine around my neck as an added layer.


The pieces I mention from my Romford CC club kit are all made by Bioracer.  Really good quality kit, comfortable, durable and absolutely worth the money – you may recognise the name from national teams such as Team Belgium.  As well as being custom kit there are panels that are made with pixel technology giving maximum visibility in the dark and the inside of the tights is lined with a brushed fleece material.  They are all also windproof and water resistant (by water resistant the water literally beads and rolls straight off)!  Below I have taken a pic with the flash on my phone to show some of the pixel technology – not quite the same as on the roads but still gives the idea.


During winter it is darker in the mornings and earlier in the evenings so lights are essential – be safe, be seen.  There are many options of lights to use though I can recommend both Lezyne and Cateye.

I ride Continental Four Seasons tyres so use the same all year round so don’t change in winter months though if you run summer tyres you should probably look to change those to something a bit more suitable for the cold and wet winter months.

Happy winter riding!

2 thoughts on “Winter Cycling Kit

  1. Great write up Lisa, really helpful for those unsure about riding into winter. It does vary differently between people…I’ve been known to have 7 layers o in the past but I’d rather be sweaty hot than too cold!! Lol!!


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