Colour Run

At the weekend I headed to Wembley for The Colour Run.  I was taking part in this with my friend Emma and looking forward to being covered in dye and having fun for the second weekend in a row.We turned up and there were huge crowds of people all in the same white Colour Run tshirt that you are given as part of your race pack ready to get stuck in to some colourful fun.  The atmosphere was great and there was music and a huge stand by F45 Training getting people warmed up and in the mood showing what they are about – I have never been to once of these gyms but seen great reviews and results from others.

There were people giving away Protein Balls – these are a firm favourite with me – if you have not tried them then do check them out!So with our tshirts on, metallic gold lightning bolt tattoo applied, glitter applied and sweatband positioned we were ready for the off.  I was slightly confused here as you left under a start sign but it wasn’t actually the start, it was a walk out of the event village and then round to another part outside of Wembley stadium where the crowd were being given a warm up, completing a Mexican wave and as they controlled the numbers starting, you were let off in batches under the real start – in our wave we sang happy birthday to a young girl.img_1840This year was the hero tour and so there were a lot of people running in superhero capes and especially the kids seemed super excited about this!There is a huge mix of ages and abilities taking part and it is sold as the happiest 5k on the planet.  On the website it says:


The Color Run, also known as the “Happiest 5k on the Planet”, is a unique colour fun run that celebrates healthiness, happiness, and individuality. img_1843It was also extremely hot!  Being so hot, for me at least, makes running seem very tough but this is not a run designed for PBs or a race.In addition to the dye stations there was also a foam station and this was amazing as it completely cooled me down – not for long but was so welcome!img_1844I did find it hard to navigate around people as it was very crowded and although the vibe from everyone is fab the run does take place on an industrial estate so it is not the most inspiring of landscapes.I wouldn’t normally think you would need a water station on a 5k, however, with the weather being as hot as it was I think it would have been a good idea especially as this could be someones first 5k, there are a young children, I saw quite a few people taking part with walking sticks and in the heat hydration is key!On the finish line was coconut water (I think I am the only person who doesn’t like this stuff) and a unicorn medal!  Yes that’s right a unicorn medal – how awesome is that?img_1875It was also half a mile short and so my friend and I ran back to our car to make the mileage up to the 5k.The run finishes back the event village with a total party atmopshere – you are given another packet of dye as you finish and so the music starts, everyone is dancing and the whole crowd get involved with doing a mass dye throw – always makes for the best photos!After showering I have a rather fancy tie dye effect sports bra and my gold tattoo is still on my arm – secretly I don’t want it to come off!

My race entry was complimentary, but all opinions are my own.

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