Be Fearlessly Unapologetically You!

I recently found out that I had made the shortlist for nominations for the Sport & Fitness category of the UK Blog Awards, (*insert shameless plug for votes*) where you can vote for me here.  It spurred me on to think about the blog – why I started it and where I am now.

So I started the blog after embarking on a fitness and weight loss journey.  In a bid to hide the fact that I was overweight and terribly unfit I would attempt to use humour to hide the fact that most of the time I was terrified of whatever it was I was doing and also hence the name of the blog.  Some friends said I should write a blog and that is basically how it all began.

It is a personal blog and I am clear that I am not qualified in any way in fitness or nutrition but what I share is based on my experience and if I do give advice it is following what I have received from those who are qualified so I can make sure I am not sharing anything that is not misleading or with no understanding.

I would update a blog post every Monday and include a weigh in picture of a little board I have to show progress.  Then I hit a plateau and this changed – no more weigh in board pics.  This is not a negative as it actually taught me a valuable lesson as it meant I was putting less pressure on myself.

My blog is not necessarily the norm.  It is not about the facts and detailing the specifics of a piece of tech.  I like to add a bit of my personality to it and there is humour and sometimes some swearing.  It is not intended to be offensive but it is me.  I am trying to keep it authentic otherwise what is the point?  I am who I am.  I will not try and be someone or something else through this blog.  This blog is not intended to gain approval.

I intend to be my own kind of strong, my own kind of fabulous and my own kind of beautiful.  I am not in competition with anyone else.  I will run my own race (or more than likely jog a bit and walk a bit).  I fully intend to continue to embrace the glorious mess that I am.

There is a saying from JK Rowling asking is fat really the worst thing you can be?  And many more about how the number on a scale does not define you.  By focusing on weight was I sending the complete wrong message to anyone reading my posts?  More than that I realised that the journey I was on getting fitter was about my health and that was my goal – to be healthy and happy.

And so with that you will see the change in wording of my blog strap line.  It no longer says ‘An ordinary girl on a mission to get fit and lose weight’.  Morale of the story – be fearlessly unapologetically you!

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