Stomp The Pedal #OneInAMillion

I have started sharing stories of ladies who are an inspiration to me as part of the campaign from British Cycling #OneInAMillion.  This is looking to help, inspire and encourage one million more women to choose cycling by tackling common misconceptions that can make it trickier to get on a bike. From concerns over safety, confidence, or simply not knowing where to go.

I am proud to be a part of this campaign and and even more pleased to be able to introduce you to this awesome lady who I am grateful to for contributing to this post.

Meet Tarsh the lady who is brains, personality and beauty behind Stomp The Pedal.  I was lucky enough to spend some time with Tarsh in Italy last year as she and a group of friends, including my husband, completed Ironman Italy.  Everyone in Ironman seems to know Tarsh and I remember hearing Paul Kaye recognise her from the end of the red carpet and announce her heading to the finish line ‘Tarsh you are an Ironman’.  In fact Tarsh is a 10 times Ironman finisher!


‘I had no idea how to ride a bike, but when the opportunity came up in 2008 with my employer in Australia to participate in a corporate triathlon, I took up the opportunity.

Here is where I had my first introduction to riding a bike. Omg it was a strange feeling. I was never really a sporty person, more of a singer/dancer.

I was so nervous, I had no idea about helmets, cycle clothing, let alone the right bike to ride. Thankfully, the community was pretty great. I bought a second hand specialized dolce elite and boy did I feel special. I mean ‘Dolce Elite’ sounded so posh. I also fell off countless times, lol too funny. Stopping at the traffic lights, one minute I’m upright the next I’m sideways. Oh the joys of learning to ride a bike. The best. Ha ha

Cycling, I found came naturally to me in the end. I absolutely love it. The freedom of my two wheels, the road, the scenery and me. What a joy.

You will find me riding on Zwift up to 4 times a week during winter and then outdoors during Summer either alone or with friends.

Years later who would have thought that I would race a lot of triathlons, with cycling being my strongest leg, have my own race team Possibilitty Race Team and then have my women’s stylish sports apparel brand, Stomp the Pedal, with cycle gear being my passion.

I mean what a way to express your personality/style and grace whilst riding your bike!

The joy that my bike/s has brought me over the many years has undeniably been life changing. I met my husband through this sport, I travel and race all over the world, I love sportives and I just love my bikes, ‘The Little Whippet’ and ‘Magic Mike’ and the community of friends I’ve made over the years makes me feel like the richest chick on the planet. ️

Don’t be afraid, grab a bike, a helmet and give it a whirl in the car park. It’s like going for your first driving lesson, once you’ve given it a go, the freedom is amazing!

Stomp the Pedal Baby!’


You can follow Tarsh on her instagram here.

I will be adding more posts like this to inspire you and introduce some more of the lovely ladies I have met through cycling that inspire me.

More information for women who are thinking about getting on a bike for the first time can visit the British Cycling women’s hub for tips and advice on everything from the benefits of cycling, to hints and tips about how to get started.

Are you #OneInAMillion ?  Why not share your story too?

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