Another Inspiring Woman In Cycling #OneInAMillion

I am continuing to share stories of ladies who are an inspiration to me as part of the campaign from British Cycling #OneInAMillion.  This is looking to help, inspire and encourage one million more women to choose cycling by tackling common misconceptions that can make it trickier to get on a bike. From concerns over safety, confidence, or simply not knowing where to go.

I am proud to be a part of this campaign and and even more pleased to be able to introduce you to this awesome lady who I am grateful to for contributing to this post.

Meet Nadjie, another amazing lady who is also a part of the same cycling club as me, Romford CC.  Nadjie is always the happiest and positive person and was also named as one of Cycling UK’s 100 Women in Cycling for 2018.


‘My return to cycling started in January 2015 and I signed up to do Ride the Night for Women V Cancer.  Little was I to know a month later I would be diagnosed with the most aggressive form of breast cancer, triple negative.

The ride was in May and in March I had a mastectomy and started chemo in April.  With the help of my turbo I managed to cycle during my surgery recovery and chemo and, although it was tough, I did the ride 100km ride raising £5,000.

I’ve always been someone that needs a goal to keep me motivated, but I didn’t bank on how much cycling would help my mental health recovery from breast cancer.

In 2016 when I finished my treatment, I continued to cycle and became a British Cycling Breeze Ride Leader as I wanted to be a role model and inspire other women to cycle no matter what their mental or physical state.  Since then I have led 150 Breeze Rides.

In 2016 I  became an Ambassador for Breast Cancer Care but my passion was for Women V Cancer – supporting breast, ovarian and cervical cancer too.  I was horrified to find that there is no screening tool for ovarian cancer and that the survival rate for early stage is 10% for 5 years compared to about 85% for breast cancer.


I never knew how much joy cycling would bring me, nor the help it would bring to my mental and physical recovery.  My cycling distance has steadily increased over the last 4 years and I am continually challenging myself.

I qualified last year as a British Cycling Level 2 coach which will enable me to combine ride leading with coaching.

Since my diagnosis I have raised £25,000 for Women V Cancer and other charities.

I love where my cycling has taken me and the people I have met.  This year I plan to cycle 6,000 miles which will include London to Paris in 24 hours, Wild Atlantic Way – 600 miles over 7 days and Women V Cancer Cycle Costa Rica – not bad for a 59 year old woman!


I am already working towards riding London Edinburgh London in 2021.  I have been amazed at what I have been able to achieve, I never would have thought it, and now realise anything is possible. I want to inspire others to achieve their full potential too.   Am I one in a million – definitely, and you can be too.  Come and join me.’

I will be adding more posts like this to inspire you and introduce some more of the lovely ladies I have met through cycling that inspire me.

More information for women who are thinking about getting on a bike for the first time can visit the British Cycling women’s hub for tips and advice on everything from the benefits of cycling, to hints and tips about how to get started.

Are you #OneInAMillion ?  Why not share your story too?

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