Talking Weight Loss

On my journey I am the first to admit that I became obsessed with losing weight and lost the fun out of being active.  When I shifted my focus to concentrating on being healthier and happier I became just that.

However, why is it so taboo now to want to lose weight?  I won’t go back to being obsessive about it, but if it is done in a healthy way why is that wrong?  I debated writing this for a while as I knew I would probably get some push back but this is my journey and as per my strapline ‘be fearlessly unapologetically you’ I am doing just that.

I will use myself as an example.  I want to lose weight.  I am not currently comfortable in my own skin, in fact far from it. There I said it and I will not apologise for it either.

I want to be stronger on the bike and make sure when I complete my endurance events I feel confident in my training and myself too.

I know from previous experience what works to get the results I want to see on the bike and one area to use an example is to be better on the hills.  Less weight helps with this and the biggest weight on the bike?  Me!

Now don’t get me wrong I have a blog called Fat Girl Fit and I do not fit into the norm for what sporty people look like and honestly I don’t care!  I embrace what my body has achieved and will continue to achieve.  I love people I have met through social media on my journey and those I love engaging with the most are those who are real, honest, true and relatable.  Perfect hair, make up, tiny waist, fuelling on low calorie foods for sporting events, never breaking a sweat or embracing that sweaty selfie?  Influencers that have a huge following but clearly don’t know anything about the sport or kit their promoting but fit the mould so brands use them to promote their products and it sticks out like a sore thumb? Yeah I am not following you, you are not for me and I am probably not for you either and that is fine with me!

I’ve seen the benefits of strength and conditioning training in my cycling and will be ensuring I regularly incorporate this into my training schedule again, initially with weight loss in mind also.  I am lucky that one of my best friends is also a fab personal trainer and is helping me with this, as she previously did.  I can’t recommend this enough and know many people who have worked with her and seen the benefits.

In short my opinion is that if you want to lose weight and are doing it in a healthy balanced way that is fine.  An important point in that sentence is in a healthy way, how you choose to do this really tells if it is the right thing to do and coming from the right place and don’t forget appearance doesn’t equal health.  I do not want to lose weight to look a certain way or because I loathe myself.  I know why I want to lose weight and it doesn’t change any feelings I have about my own self worth.  I have a healthy relationship with fitness. And I am good with all that.

I started a new six week training plan as of today so will update in due course!

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