My Favourite Cycling Jerseys

When I first started cycling I was adamant I would not be one of those people who were head to toe in colour matching lycra kit.  I am probably not the only person who has done this and now looks at their cycling kit and thinks well I couldn’t have been more wrong – I mean matchy matchy is everything!

But on a serious note cycling specific kit serves a purpose honestly.  I wrote a blog post about my top 5 bib short for cycling that you can read here.  So that was the bottom half and now I am talking about the top half.

You don’t want jerseys too big so they are flapping around, but you want them to be breathable and comfortable.  I mentioned kit having a purpose and you will find different jerseys have different designs but most with back pockets to store food, spares, phone etc and these are much more easily accessible than having to stop to get items from saddle bags as an example.

Now I find jerseys and more specifically the fit is personal preference.  For example, my husband prefers a more fitted jersey and I want to feel like I can breathe!  You will find a lot of brands will offer different designs such as casual fit, close fit, aero, light and heavier weight fabrics and much more including some with material that help protect from the sun too.  Being larger chested I often find sizing can be awkward and have experienced kit in the past that will fit around the bust and be too big elsewhere.  So here are my favourite cycling jerseys:

Foher – in addition to my ambassador kit from last year and this year my favourite is the Pegasus kit.  This will be no shock if you follow me – just take a look at the design, its gorgeous!  For my UK friends I would note that the size comes up smaller than ours so I would advise whatever you take here, you may want to consider sizing up.  Washes great and what I love most of all from the kit from Foher is that it is so different from the kit available elsewhere in the UK and really stands out!


BioRacer – I have a lot of kit from BioRacer and all fab but hands down is my custom kit.  This kit never fails!  Good for all rides – short or long, washes fab and lasts for years!  I mean literally years – I have not had the custom kit for that long yet but other same cut/fit I do and it’s literally as good as new.  You can see here another style similar as an example.


Fat Lad At the Back – as I mentioned I am larger chested and so find sizing for jerseys can sometimes be an issue.  This brand has a female arm called Fat Lass At The Back and the female jerseys don’t come in standard sizing.  Instead they go by bust size so you literally select the same inch measurement as you would for the bra you wear and the result is such a comfortable fit.  I have a number but my favourite would have to be the ride for cake jersey.


Stomp The Pedal – I have the signature jersey in guess what colour?  Neon pink of course!  Tarsh (the founder of this brand) most definitely lets her personality shine through her collections and I love how bright and different they are.  The pink is very me and as such matches a lot of my other kit and bikes too.  Similar to the Foher kit I would perhaps size up in this fit.


Specialized – I have a couple of jerseys from Specialized and can’t fault it one bit both in terms of design and comfort.  I am actually looking at some of their off road jerseys for my gravel bike so will be checking out what they have on offer for that cycling discipline too.  Here is another jersey I have which is similar and again fab – also need this one in grey as my friend has it and I have kit envy!


Liv – this jersey was a gift from a friend and is more of a classic design but the fit is fab and very comfortable when cycling.  It also goes with all the black bib shorts I have so win win!  However, sadly not available on their website any longer.


DHB – this is Wiggle own brand and again like I mentioned for some of the above I really like some of their brighter kits.  A lot of their kit is also much cheaper compared to some other brands but the quality is still fab.  They have a number of items in their current sale at the moment too, which is where I got the jersey in the below photo from!


All of the above jerseys are comfortable, wash fantastic and very importantly for me don’t move around whilst riding!  I cannot stand wearing jerseys that move up and down whilst riding as I spend too much time trying to pull them back down again and well lets face it that is just annoying!

Some of the items mentioned above were gifted, however, all opinions are my own.

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