Rehook PLUS Product Review

You can mostly find me out and about on my bike and it doesn’t always go to plan. Like most cyclists I ride equipped in the case of minor mechanicals and punctures (the dreaded ‘p’ word) but secretly hope you don’t need anything from your saddle bag and the ride will be smooth sailing or smooth spinning.

I prefer to try and take as few items with me as possible and pack what I know is useful into my saddle bag . I wrote a blog post on what I carry in my saddle bag that you can read here.

When the lovely people at Rehook offered to send me their new Rehook PLUS product of course I said yes! So what is it? It is 11 tools in 1, which includes:

  • Rehook chain tool head – really useful gadget
  • 2x Tyre levers
  • 2x Spoke keys
  • 8mm, 9mm and 10mm wrench (I have nothing I could use these for on my road, gravel or MTB bikes so didn’t test these, but appreciate other bikes may have)
  • 5mm and 6mm Hex / Allen keys (I found that out of six bikes in our household these sized Hex tools only fit the bottle cages of two bikes. It doesn’t fit any of the brakes, cleats for SPD (MTB)/SPD SL, seat clamps, bike computer mounts or stems, which all required 4mm and I tested on road, TT, gravel and MTBs which are from three different brands. It did fit the crank arm bolts and the derailleur, however, if I had an issue with that I would be using a torque wrench and not this tool if I am being honest although I appreciate I would not be cycling carrying a torque wrench.
  • PH1 Phillips screwdriver

The first product from this company was the Rehook product, as seen on Dragons Den. This was marketed with the purpose of getting your chain back on without the mess and this product is an evolved version with additional features.

The Rehook PLUS is nice and compact with the tool dimensions being: 148mm x 28mm x 14mm and is also super lightweight weighing at just 60g. The strap that comes on the tool means you have the option of putting the tool in a saddle or bar bag, a tool case in a bottle cage and also strapped to your bike frame. I wouldn’t put mine on my frame, just personal preference, as I would be worried that through vibrations in the road it could lead to paint damage, and it is too long to fit in my saddle bag so when I’ve been riding recently I have put it in my jersey pocket.

There is no flat head screw driver piece, which could be useful although limited use on most bikes. I recently got an MTB and wanted to remove reflectors and some other pieces and used the tool but did need a flat head screw driver so thought this could be something for consideration.

Would be good to have a magnet under the Hex/Allen keys storage that you find under the tyre lever. I found when testing and using this that a couple of times they didn’t clip back in properly or fell out and a magnet would be useful to keep them in place. The insert to use the pieces does have a magnet in the bottom which is a nice touch. I would note once the tyre lever is in place they cannot fall out but it would be annoying to take the tyre lever out and them fall out, which was what happened to me a few times.

Rehook PLUS costs £26.99 with free UK shipping.

I was gifted this item but all opinions are my own.

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