Entry 18 – My furry running partner

Tonight I swam – headed to the gym after work to get it done (before I changed my mind). Did my usual of getting changed, scoping out how many people are in the pool and getting in with as few people as possible seeing me in my costume! Do you remember as a kid ever running to get into bed as quick as you can before the monster underneath the bed gets you? That’s a similar scenario to me getting into the swimming pool.

I swam 1km in my gym pool, which is 40 lengths. I must admit I spent most of the time thinking about getting home to eat dinner!

Probably a good thing I didn’t run tonight as my furry running partner wasn’t up to much – this was her for most of the evening:


I’m sure if I got her lead out she would go crazy as she usually does. She’s a funny little thing our April pup – with many strange ways! Spins around a few times before she goes on the wooden floor which I think in her world is clearly made of molten lava.

I do love taking her with me on a run and it kills two birds with one stone – she gets her exercise at the same time as me.

However, running with a dog does have its draw backs:

  • I almost fall over because of the dog on pretty much every run
  • she once got scared by a bird and ran in front of me so suddenly I ended up in a heap on the floor
  • she runs by the side of me mostly but if she needs to stop she generally does so right in front of me mid run – she’s kind like that
  • she has to run around every lamp post, which is helpful
  • she has to jump into every puddle, run through every patch of mud and on our park route will always run ahead at the lake and jump in as I catch up – the swans are not keen on her and I know she’s in the water as i get nearer and hear the hissing
  • I spend most of the run watching her every time she stops – pee or poo? Of course I pick up after her (sorry for the subject of poo but it’s a thing that happens as a dog owner) but she always manages to do it no where near a bin! So I am the crazy fat girl, bright red face, puffing and panting and running with a bag of dog poo until I get to the next bin!

Good job she’s cute!


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