Entry 97 – Back from Sharm el Sheikh = where’s the sun gone?!?!

I’ve been away for a week in sunny Sharm El Sheikh and it was lovely!

As has become the norm for me this year, included in my suitcase was my gym gear and trainers.  Yep I’ve turned into one of those crazy people!

I am not sure who I thought I was kidding when I packed the trainers so that I could run.  It was way too hot for that – 40 degrees most days or close to it! Even when I set my alarm for 6.30am and begrudgingly got up with a yawn and walked to the balcony, as I opened the door the heat smacked you in the face like a hot water bottle – no chance of running outdoors then!

However, there was a gym.  So on day two I got changed and me and him indoors headed down there.


Given the extravagance of the hotel (it really was lovely) the gym was a little disappointing.  Don’t get me wrong it had everything you need – weights, lots of different weight machines, a cross trainer, two stationery bikes and two treadmills and a large area for mats for floor workouts.  Given my recent experience with stationery bikes and the fact that I hate them they were out and one of the treadmills was out of use, which meant for me (still nursing a very tender wrist) the weights were out and so I was looking at the cross trainer and the treadmill though it would seem everyone working out was also wanting those two machines.  This included the hubby!

Also there was a time limit of 25 minutes maximum use on all machines – I do get this rule so it is fair and everyone can work out but 25 minutes is not enough. But better than nothing so on we went.

On the first visit I had a blast on the cross trainer and in my 25 minutes covered 1.87km.


The following day we were off on a yacht to go around a nearby island and snorkel.  Now I am petrified of boats and also open water but I got on and even did the snorkelling! (whilst looking around to make sure there were no sharks of course).

The next gym visit I managed to get on the treadmill.  I did try and take a selfie whilst running which explains why the pic is pretty rubbish.  I actually hate running on a treadmill.  Everyone I know says they run faster on a treadmill but I am the opposite – my left ankle always burns and I fear I am going to lose my footing and shoot off the back taking some poor bystander with me.  It would be a funny story if I told you this was what happened but touch wood it has not yet. Sorry!


Most days then saw snorkelling or swimming in the sea – I am pretty surprised at myself but it was crystal clear and too beautiful not to.

I took part as well in the hotel aqua aerobics one day in the main pool, which was funny.  Mostly because I was next to some crazy German lady who just kept grinning at me and laughing.  I realised when I got out that my swimming costume seemed to have taken in water in the chest area – I’m not small chested and so with this inflation I am not surprised she was laughing – I had my own buoyancy aids!


They also did yoga, which I took part in too – definitely going to add that to my training schedule. I never stretch, which I know is bad but I have read the benefits of yoga and pilates for those who run and cycle and so will try and fit that in somewhere in my week – there aren’t enough days!

It was quite easy to stay on track with food as there was such a huge selection and always fresh salad, fruit, meat and fish.  It surprised me the amount of people who would queue for chips when there was such a nice selection available?  There was even a diet station! I was recommended to steer clear of the salad – lots of tales of dodgy belly’s from Egypt but I ate it every day and was fine – I am fairly certain I have a lead lined stomach!  Don’t get me wrong I did treat myself to a couple of the mini desserts that were on offer – I was on holiday after all!


Getting back to England was harsh – it is now so cold and there is no lovely man in my house to make me fresh omelettes every day.  I fear the winter training gear is ready to come out now – booooooo!

Still back to run club tonight and my usual schedule – holiday is well and truly over!

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