Whats on your Christmas List?

This year has flown by and not before long Christmas will be here.  We are already seeing everything in the shops, people have put up their trees and decorations (not me I hasten to add) and people want to know what it is you want for Christmas.

I am that person who doesn’t know.  Literally no idea what I want.  I am not one for ‘stuff’ and would much rather go somewhere or do something than receive a gift just because that is the norm.

However, there are many items I have that I am sure could benefit others if they are on the same fitness journey as I and so I thought I would share some ideas around that.  I am also trying to keep it affordable – fitness can be expensive!  I remember my husband telling me getting a bike would save us so much money – he would commute, use the car less blah blah blah.  Then I started cycling….even the essentials cost a pretty penny when you add it all up.  So I am trying to keep it affordable and with Black Friday tomorrow there is additional money off too – you’re welcome!




Socks – usually £8 but £4.80 in the Black Friday sale – it’s obligatory to get socks at Christmas right?  A great collection from Primal for cycling with the unicorns being my favourite (obviously).




Safety bracelet – £15 – this was one of my favourite presents last year from a cycling friend of mine from One Life ID.  It is a rubber band with emergency details on and I use when running and cycling.




Buff – from £3 – another item great for both running and cycling or even if just out and about in winter months.  Decathlon have a good range of colours.





Mat – usually £17 but down to £12.75 in the Black Friday sale – my yoga mat is from Yoga Matters and is the sticky mat and recommended to me when I started with hot yoga.  As the name suggests it doesn’t slip, which is great for use at home on wooden floors.




Yoga mat strap – usually £4.50 but down to £3.38 in the Black Friday sale – ease of transporting if I take to a class.  It literally just loops round each end and acts as a strap you can put over your shoulder.





Yoga mat towel – usually £26 but down to £18 in the Black Friday sale – that sits on top of the mat, again super grippy and really good for hot yoga as it means I can easily wash the towel after use.



Home workouts:

kettlebellssetKettlebells – £30 – I will admit I have used many a kettlebell workout from different online sources and they’re great as small pieces of kit that can easily be put away (I don’t have the space for something like a treadmill).  I got a starter kit from Amazon to begin with.


resistance bands


Resistance bands – usually £25.99 but down to £19.99 in the Black Friday sale – I learned from a friend who is an awesome personal trainer about the many uses of resistance bands and how I can use them outside of the gym to get in full workouts.  I got this set from Amazon.




Skipping rope – £7 – I got one from Amazon so I can try and get better at skipping for when it appears on a WOD at CrossFit (pink of course).





Trucker cap – who doesn’t love a good cap?  For use casually or to run in.  Collections by loads of different suppliers but at the moment one of my firm favourites has to be from Stomp The Pedal – usually £25 but 50% off for Black Friday with code Style50.




Bobble hat – £20 – I mean it is freezing and especially after training I seem to live in my bobble hats (plus it hides the sweaty hair).





Reusable water bottle – usually £15 but down to £11.99 in the Black Friday sale – A firm favourite of mine are my Hydrate M8 bottles for both at home and work to make sure I am drinking enough water.  They have catchy little quotes and measurements down the sides so you know how much you should be drinking.




Reusable coffee cup – from £10 – we all stop regularly for tea/coffee even if to and from work and a reusable cup is much better for the environment.  Keep Cup have a range of different designs and sizes and you can even create your own.


unicorn notepad

Notepad – I write down all my workouts and use it as a reference to see what went well and bad.  I also put in future events so I can work my training schedule back to know what I need to do in the lead up.  You can get a notepad from pretty much anywhere though I am using one from Paperchase, usually £14 but down to £9.80 in the Black Friday sale – which is a week per view.




Skincare – if you train outside a lot then your skin can really be exposed to all the elements.  I have been using the two step routine from CJ Skinhealth and love it.  Active Cleanse is £14 and Enhance & Protect is £28.




Foam roller – £30 – a necessary evil that we should probably all do more often after exercise to stretch and loosen the muscles and don’t because lets face it, its not fun.  I have a Triggerpoint foam roller though there are many different sizes and designs available to purchase.




Voucher for a sports massage – because if you are working out a sports massage is always a benefit.  You also can’t go wrong with Radox Muscle soak for the bath and from £1 and it fits in a stocking!


Happy Shopping!


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