Entry 101 – Have you seen my running mojo?

I’ve lost my running mojo!

I’m not sure I could honestly say I ever had a running mojo but I would get out there and do it regularly as planned and even recently joined a running club.

I suppose you have to love running to have a mojo whereas I want to love it but just find it hard!  I puff and I pant, I sweat and I go bright red almost immediately.

It’s so miserable now with it being pitch black by the time I get home from work and I have to wait a good hour and a half until run club starts on a Tuesday and a Thursday and I’ve ended up doing other exercise instead so not a total loss but I know my next run will be a struggle.

I find when I miss runs or don’t run for a while that it takes a bit to get me back into it.

So how do I get my running mojo back?

Do I stop going running with the club and instead head out earlier on my own?

I am aware that I have put in for my first half marathon in March next year and so need to keep up with my training for three reasons:

  • The furthest I’ve run is 10k and I do feel like that’s my limit at the moment so need to keep running and also increase the distance.
  • The half marathon I’ve signed up for apparently is not easy and quite hilly – brilliant I hate hills!
  • I am also part of an amazing group of ladies taking part in a 24 hour relay running event next August.  There are 8 of us and you complete as many laps as possible in the 24 hour period, with each lap being just under 10k.  I managed to talk everyone into this so need to have my mojo back!


2 thoughts on “Entry 101 – Have you seen my running mojo?

  1. Just so you know….Nuclear Fallout is 12 miles. That’s only a mile and a wee bit shorter than a half….You’ll smash a half. But if you are anything like me you won’t be able to walk downstairs (unless backwards) for a week after!!! Don’t go looking for your mojo…it went off to do some pace training and will find it’s way back to you soon enough…. x

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