Entry 24 – Victoria Park 10k and Weigh-in day

Happy Monday all!  Yes I know what Mondays are ever happy?! None if like me you also use Monday as your weigh-in day.  So last week I was so good and lost nothing and had a tantrum similar to that of a three year old who wants chocolate – and I also wanted chocolate!  But this morning was ok as I lost 3 pounds so can finally change my weight loss plaque and am back in the 30’s – a total of 32lbs lost so far!!


So I intend to carry on this way!


Yesterday I ran the Victoria Park 10k – finished in 1 hour 5 minutes 22 seconds – got a pb for my 5k and 10k – again only by 20 seconds or so but I will have that! I still find it hard, breathe like darth vader as I go, bitch and moan, but I know I can complete it.  It is also nice to know that I am not the only person who doesn’t find it easy – a friend of mine did the run and when she finished she said to me “this is what a heart attack feels like right?!”.  You can see from the photos at the finish I am a sweaty red mess, clothes disheveled and pretty much ready to crumble. I am obviously the one on the right – my friend Helen (the slim one on the left) ran with me the whole way bless her!  I do crack a smile when exercising – once I cross the finish line!


So this was not made better by the fact that they ran out of medals and goody bags – if I am going to get up early on a Sunday in the cold and run I at least want a medal and some free sh*t – thats the deal!  But another run under my belt, medal will be posted and feeling ok today.  Here are our before and after shots – we all actually look better in the after shot once we have woken up!


I must admit I did have a bit of a wobble when I saw what I looked like in the running pics but then a friend pointed out I wouldn’t have believed it a year ago if someone said I would be doing this, which is true.  So I say:

GetAttachment (1)

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