Entry 52 – Cycling when lost, Brighton 10k and weigh in day

I took a cheeky days holiday last Friday as it promised sunshine so thought I would get out on my bike.  I downloaded a route on my Garmin and hit the road with my friend, and Queen of the Mountains, Sophie.  It did not go to plan.  I have never used my Garmin to follow a route and the silly thing just kept beeping at me to tell me I was off course even though I knew I wasn’t.  There was a road closure on route as well and so we decided, at a pub we often stop at, that we would just go a route we knew, which was shorter but nonetheless got some miles in and was a really enjoyable ride.  I am so so grateful to those that are helping me on my journey of getting this fat girl fit!

I struggle on hills, I don’t think I will ever be first up a hill whether on my bike or running.  I sound like a panting dog in the process and breathe similar to how I did when I was in labour many moons ago.  But I try.  I would like to say I will make those hills my bitches but it is sadly not true – they definitely make me their bitch!  And I know it!

At the weekend I had the Brighton 10k and it is the same day as the Brighton Marathon and I must say the atmosphere was amazing.  I ran with my husband and I really wanted to get a PB preferably under the hour mark as my best time until this run was 1 hour 1 minute 42 seconds.  I was unsure if I had it in me.  The weather said it would be 10 degrees and windy and so we put on our long sleeved tops and made our way to the start line.  Long sleeved tops?  Big mistake!  I was like a big fat sweaty pig in no time, sleeves rolled up and mopping my brow I carried on.  Brighton is undulating and there was no breeze before the seafront which was 5.5km into the run.  I am clearly better with the cold than the heat.

We were passed by a man leading a lady who said excuse me blind runner.  It was amazing!  This man was running as a guide for this blind lady (who was a brilliant runner) and I had read about that before in a book (which made me cry) but seeing it in real life was just amazing and made me cry again.

I tried so hard on this run and my amazing husband paced me the whole way (at 5k we were dead on 30.00 minutes) but the last 2k I struggled like hell.  I needed the loo.  I couldn’t catch my breath.  I tried to take a drink but basically ended up with more over my face, sunglasses and dripping off my chin than actually getting to drink any.  Then I basically turned into a whiny little bitch.  I stopped about 1.5k before the finish and said I needed to catch my breath and then again and then I knew I wouldn’t get sub hour so sort of gave up.  Brett had other ideas and knew I could get a PB so got me to the finish.  Now it is over I am so grateful but on route he did shout at me to keep going and put his hand on my back and carried on running pushing me and there were some people that looked at him like he was the devil ha ha.  He is not at all, he was a massive help.

I did get a PB but sadly not sub hour.  The event time was 1 hour and 39 seconds and according to my garmin the 10k time was 1 hour and 9 seconds – damn those pesky seconds! I was so bloody close!  I came 208 out of 451.  That will teach me for being a whiny little bitch and saying I can’t do it.

I will not lie, I peed a little near the end (don’t judge me it is not that uncommon and the queues were too long at the start that we couldn’t go pre run) and then I had a little cry as I had worked so hard for it but I have my medal and completed it and got a PB.  Also our lovely friends Darren and Vicki completed it in amazing times too.


I know I have said it before but I do not find running easy.  I saw a slogan recently that said ‘WTF! Where’s The Finish?’ – that was definitely made for me.

I much prefer cycling to running – put the fun between your legs (ooh er).  I do keep going though in the safe knowledge that I can celebrate at the finish with a shiny medal and a celebratory drink.


The marathon runners were exceptional!  I was getting so emotional just being there – not so little old me struggling with my 10k in the heat whilst they battle through a marathon!  The fastest runner of the 10k completed in 29 minutes – 29 minutes! I call these people the machete people as they run like they are being chased by someone with a machete though in a more effortless way.  The fastest marathon runner was 2 hours and 10 minutes – can you imagine?  It’s insane!

Steve from our cycle club finished his marathon in 3 hours and 5 minutes – amazing!!!

Weigh in day today again – it comes around so quickly every week.  I needed half a pound.  I want that 3 stone marker before I move on to losing the next 3 stone.  Did I get it?  Did I? YES!! Just!  This week I lost half a pound and so have reached that 3 stone loss.


Now on to the next 3 stone!

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