Entry 134 -Brighton 10k

Yesterday I took part in the Brighton 10k and it’s safe to say I was not overly excited – I’ve not been overly excited about any running since my half marathon last month.  I was running with my husband and so we chose to stay in Brighton rather than drive up Sunday morning and be rushed/traffic etc.

We got to Preston park and it was way too muddy for my new Asics!  Everyone set off with trainers literally caked in mud.  The route was slightly different to last year but still undulating for the 6.3 miles.  The sun came out the second we started, which was good as it was so cold on the start line – pleased I packed my sunglasses to run in.

I had decided that as I have been beating myself up since my half marathon where I was not impressed with my performance that at the Brighton 10k I would not check my watch and just run.  At about 4k, after thinking we were steaming along, I found out that we in fact were not. I was running slower than usual.  It was strange as I genuinely believed I was running really well up until that point.

From this point on I tried to pick up the pace and push through but I found it tough, tougher than I thought I would.  When we finally got to the seafront I was keeping one girl in my sights the whole time – a fellow Mudd Queen.  You run part way up the seafront and double back on yourself.  At the point you double back there is about 1.5k to the finish and my husband was reminding me to take deep breaths (something I am useless at) and lengthen my stride (which I did try to do but it obviously didn’t last for that long).

Towards the end of the seafront I wanted to be sick and actually heaved (sorry).  Thankfully there was no public puking and off we set again.  At the home stretch this happened again and unfortunately the Mudd Queen I had caught up to was now several metres in front of me.

I finished over 2 minutes longer than this run took me last year and I was really disappointed.  The intention was to stay in Brighton for the afternoon to watch the marathon runners but we headed home instead.


We did get to see a lot of the marathon runners and I am in awe they are amazing – 26.2 miles and here I am moaning about 6.3 miles.

Now I know not all runs can be good and everyone has bad runs but I had no reason for this run to be bad – no illness, weather was perfect, running with my husband, tried and tested clothing but mentally I was clearly not in the right mind.  So i have no excuses.  My half marathon has knocked me and it is showing in my efforts.  Time to get back to run club and work on this I have the Hackney Half coming up and I want to run thinking yes this girl can! 

One thought on “Entry 134 -Brighton 10k

  1. Lisa, despite being a bit slower that you would have liked, you should be so proud of yourself! You achieved what most people can’t! 10k isn’t a distance to turn your nose up at, it’s amazing that you’re out there and doing it! If you won’t give yourself a pat on the back, I will! Keep up the good work xx

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