Entry 67 – Who knew I can run with friends, a Llama and Olympians past and present!

My fitness challenge at work is helping me keep right at it with regards to the exercising.  Friday was my rest day (and I did need it) – my friend at work and I joke that the other needs to stop exercising as we are trying to keep up with each other and pretty bloody tired!

Saturday, however, I went out for a ride on my single speed bike and then on to my first spin circuits class with the lovely Emma.  It is half spin and half circuits (as the name gives away) and was tough but good and made fun by Mr Sex Noises and also a rather funny dancing man who has a little boogey as he goes – brilliant!  Who said exercising can’t be fun?

We travelled out to Surrey on Saturday and I am now the house guest who blogs about her fitness and shows up with her running stuff for a run!  Actually that was not my idea that was all my friend Chloe but was such a nice run despite me being nervous that I would be far too slow for her we ran and chatted along the way. Her route joins the canal path and she runs for 5k up and down the canal – so pretty.


However, it was slightly odd as we were running along a field before we got to the canal path and you expect to run alongside horses, cows, maybe sheep but not a great big hair llama!  I shall call him Larry.  Before I realised it was a llama I was staring and asking Chloe what the hell it was and then Larry started running alongside us before he came to an abrupt stop and I think smiled at us?


We couldn’t resist but go back after we had showered to get a selfie with Larry our new running llama friend.


Yesterday I took part in the Bupa Westminster Mile for This Girl Can.  Although it didn’t go quite to plan!  I got to the train station to find most lines were part suspended and so we drove into London and parked at the husbands work then started a mad train dash so I was not late and I got there with 25 minutes to spare.  Only thing was they decided the wave for This Girl Can, which was quoted on the paperwork as starting at 12.45pm, was going earlier and so as we finally got through the crowds of people to the start line to ask where to go they told us this and that I was too late.  Luckily we had the paperwork with us to show them and they were lovely, apologised and told me I could run in the next wave.  Brilliant.  One problem the next wave was British Olympians past and present!  My husband said I could leave it if I wanted but I figured I was there so why the hell not.


This is pretty huge for me as a year ago if I found myself in this position I would have run a mile …………. in the opposite direction and probably thought the person suggesting I run with actual athletes was drunk or on drugs.  Don’t get me wrong I am no athlete by a long shot and standing there I felt ridiculous, placing my hands over my bib number so people couldn’t easily see I was the odd one out although I stuck out like a sore thumb!  So I found myself with two lovely ladies – one an Olympic kayaker and one an Olympic trampolinist oh and then to the side was just Steve Cram and Denise Lewis!!

I was shaking – it is just a 1 mile run but with Olympic athletes?!  I have a fear of being last at every event and this did not help.  I ended up in photos being taken and was chatting to people at the start line explaining why I was there and Steve Cram said to me ‘go for it’ – the one time I didn’t have my phone with me!!!!


Anyway I finished and got my medal and I have to say running around the mall and in front of Buckingham Palace with crowds of people cheering you on thinking you are part of the Olympic wave was the most surreal thing I have ever done!


Also for my husband who said he saw me on the big screen – I will admit we laughed a lot about this!


And I didn’t come anywhere near the back.  Not every day you can say you ran with Olympic athletes even if it was just for 1 mile.  Not everyday that when someone asks you what you’ve done you can say oh you know just a quick run with some Olympic athletes!  This Girl Can!


And so of course it is bank holiday Monday though I still have weigh in day and lost 1lb bringing the total to 48lbs now and still going!


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