Entry 115 – A round up of 2015

2015 was pretty much my first full year of training and it’s been busy.  I always say it but if someone had asked me a year or two back if I would be one of those people that plan my life around events and running and cycling I would have probably choked on the cake I was eating.  But I have!

I have managed to cycle 2,010 miles and run 400 miles and I have the many medals to prove it (I will admit now I am somewhat of a medal whore).

I was also introduced to obstacle running events and LOVE them!

I took part in 30 events; 18 running events, 9 cycling events and 3 OCRs.  In addition to that I attended 60 spin classes and other gym sessions, cross fit sessions and swim sessions. Not forgetting a month long Ignite programme by the awesome Julia Buckley.

I’ve also had 3 holidays and was one of those crazy people that took running gear and ran on every one.

Although over the past couple of months I’ve lost almost no weight I have also no put it on so finish the year with a total loss of 55.5lbs – just part way through this journey.

Was trying to think of the highlights of the year and there are too many!

Obstacle runs as you know I was no that impressed with the Bear Grylls survivor run so would have to be either Commando Series or Nuclear Fallout – both amazing but very different.  The Commando Series was a media event I was invited to and had an amazing time completing the course led by marines in the beautiful setting of Hever Castle.  Nuclear races I have raved about since doing it and am even sad that next year I will be in New York when the first event takes place so I can’t do it.  Yep you read that right I am said I am in New York and cannot run through mud and water!  It’s ok though as I am going back there in just over a week with my crazy training buddy Laura to get my fix.  If you have not yet been I can’t recommend it enough – seriously get involved!

IMG_3277Running events I think would either have to be the workshop I took part in with the amazing Julie Creffield from The Fat Girl’s Guide to Running which was 9 miles in Hyde Park giving tips on pacing and running as a group plus I got to meet and chat with Julie and all the amazing ladies there.  When I first started running I was scared to go outside and run in public where actual people could see me jiggling about everywhere but anyone can run and Julie helps ladies see just that and encourages them so much.  Or the Westminster Mile where the time for the This Girl Can wave changed and I didn’t get the email so got put in the next wave……..with Olympic athletes past and present!  I felt ridiculous though managed an 8.34 minute mile which is my quickest ever!  Hubby took a pic of me on the big screen – the whole thing was pretty surreal and again the year before I would have said no way but was there so figured why not!


Cycling events I’m not sure I can pick!  I love the annual London to Southend ride my cycling club, Romford CC, take part in.  I also loved the Tour de Tendring event that I completed with my hubby and was my first where I could compare over the previous year to see improvement and I did see just that as I was 4th lady overall and knocked off almost 40 minutes compared to the previous year!  I can’t miss out the Prudential Ride London event, which is amazing especially to ride with friends on closed roads and we had a ball!  Or meeting Dan Patten from Team Wiggins on a Yellow Jersey ride.  Lastly I need to mention a ride which really left an impact on me and that was Newcastle to London completed by my amazing friend Helen.  I rode stages 2 and 3 with her (almost 100 miles) and was part of her support crew as she completed 311 miles in 24 hours – fantastic!


I have made many friends who I can call on to ask advice or train with.

I am also hugely grateful to everyone who reads my blog and shares this journey with me.

Feeling pretty gushy right now writing this.

I have so much planned for 2016 but will save that for another post…..watch this space…….

In the meantime Happy New Year!

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