Training camp at Club La Santa

Firstly I apologise for not bringing back sun with me from my training camp last week.  I was in Lanzarote at Club La Santa with Havering Tri and the weather could not have been more different to what we were faced with as we landed at London Gatwick – that was a shock to the system!

I went on the same training camp last year and signed up again for this year.  It was an intense week but also very beneficial, with an awesome group of people so I was excited though also not feeling 100% going into it.  I had thought about pulling out as I wondered whether having a knee injury and plantar fasciitis was not the best way to train in Lanzarote especially given that you are pretty much mostly going up hill wherever and whatever you do.  That and the fact that since my injuries my confidence in all areas is pretty much at an all time low.  However, I was persuaded otherwise by clubmates and decided if my knee and foot had other ideas there were a million other options to fill my days.

I kept my runs to short loops around the lagoon of just over 2 miles and at an easy pace and my foot felt ok.  My knee on the other hand did not feel right on every hill and I was more than a little nervous about making it worse so between that and the fact that my chain kept coming off my bike I ended up adapting the training plan anyway.  I missed a club ride but managed to complete that ride the following day so didn’t miss out and it meant that I got the chance to have some much needed time with the husband which even included a stop at a vineyard for lunch and saw the opportunity for some photo taking.  We are both always so busy and with him being a cycling coach he is helping others so I was quite pleased to be selfish and have a day with him just helping me.

If you have never been to Lanzarote then when people say it’s windy you may think oh ok a bit of wind, but the wind on the island can be savage and more than a little scary especially if it is a crosswind.  I had an accident on my bike from wind a year and a half ago and ended up in an ambulance so wind is something I am far from comfortable cycling in but there is very little escape from it in Lanzarote.

I knew before going to Club La Santa that some of the ladies I follow on social media from CrossFit were there training and so was pretty excited to bump into Sara Sigmundsdottir and even more excited when the resort put on a mini triathlon and Samantha Briggs beat my husband.  The final stretch of the run leg is around the running track and I was honestly confused who to cheer on out of my husband and Briggs.  She was very funny and joked with my husband as he crossed the line.  These ladies were at the resort with Emma McQuaid and the effort and dedication put into their training for their sport is something i am left in awe of!

I was sad to see the week end but got some great training in and big thanks to Kate Percy’s Go Bites that fuelled me through the week and Optimum Nutrition for their whey protein powder that I used post workouts.  It was good to share some of the Go Bites with my club mates as an alternative to gels – after a week of training even those who swear by gels were craving savoury!

Club La Santa I will see you again next year!


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