Entry 168 – Club La Santa with Havering Tri

I’ve recently been to Club La Santa in Lanzarote with Havering Triathlon Club.

My husband is a member of this local club and I know most of the people so when they had a spare space and I was offered it I took the opportunity.  I have since joined the club myself so was excited to be going on the trip but equally nervous.  I am not sure what I was nervous about if I am honest as I mentioned before I knew most of the people and they are all lovely.  I did not know how hilly the island was and I am not good with hills.  I am also not good with heat so combining the two was not exactly a thrilling idea either.

I must say I was so impressed with the whole trip.  The tri club sorted everything from accommodation and flights to the training schedule.  Admittedly when I first saw the training schedule I was terrified – it was very well thought out but there was so much on it but then I was there to train so decided to go with it.  They had experienced coaches on hand for sessions, ride leaders and groups for all elements based on ability.

I am easily intimidated and being surrounded by so many accomplished athletes who have all successfully completed so much was a tad overwhelming (there may have been some tears on the first day) but everyone was so friendly and supportive that I forgot about any nerves.

Club La Santa is situated on the north-west coast of Lanzarote and although we were there with a concentration on swim,  bike and run there is so much more on offer at the complex including its own lagoon for open water swimming, paddle boarding and kayaking.  It also makes a nice loop for a run of 2 miles that can be extended or repeated.

I took my own bike though there are facilities there for hiring bikes also.  The cycling was my main interest at the camp and although I do not like hills there is no better way to improve than to train on them.  Club La Santa is nicely situated so that whatever direction you leave you have less than half a mile until you start climbing and yes I am being sarcastic here about it being nice not about the climbing.  And they are not hills you climb around the island but mountains.  But I am so pleased I got up them, at my pace admittedly, but I got up them and didn’t need to stop or walk – I even scratched my bike leaning it against a wall at the top of Mirador but I don’t care it can be a memory!

I also had some firsts on the trip:

  • I climbed mountains on my bike
  • I took part in a relay triathlon with two lovely ladies
  • I took part in my first brick session (I have previously done one duathlon but not before or after done a run off the bike and I still think that will take some time to get used to – I’m still in the legs have a life of their own phase)
  • I had a swimming lesson
  • I drank protein shakes (I was in an apartment with a food policeman and was told on his good authority this was necessary)
  • I learned you can take out as many gas canisters for punctures from London but you are only allowed to return with 2 from Lanzarote and if you try and take more the airport police take you to a back room and make you unpack and remove them as my husband found out.

We also had joker cards given to each of us and when presented the last person to show theirs had to put 1 euro in the pot that went towards the meal at the end of the week.  It was funny seeing these be pulled out in the pool or halfway up a mountain on the bike.

I tri’d – see what I did there?

If I could I would sign up now for the next trip – can’t recommend it enough!  And by that I mean both the trip to Club La Santa and being part of Havering Tri Club so if you are looking for a triathlon club then look no further.



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