Entry 105 – My four week plan with the amazing Julia Buckley

Very excited to announce that as of tomorrow I will be taking part as a member of a pilot testing group for the four-week online fitness programme for the amazing Julia Buckley.

Julia is a fitness trainer based in London, who shares support and advice on fitness and fat loss – you will probably have heard of her and may even have her amazing book The Fat Burn Revolution.

During this programme I have committed myself to completing five to six 30 minute workout videos per week.

My main goal from this programme is to increase my overall fitness and have a good base that I can then continue with long after the four week programme.  I have picked this as my main goal because up until now I have concentrated mainly on running and cycling and have started to introduce other aspects such as weights (though have not done that much up until now) and pilates to try and add some overall improvement in my fitness, which I know will in turn benefit both my running and cycling.  I am 55lbs down on my journey so far and have at least another 28lbs to go and without adding some overall fitness, including toning up I will almost certainly look good when clothed but like a crepe paper saggy god knows what underneath!  I’ve hit a plateau and I want to feel better, look great and know I’m healthy.  I want to be better than I used to be.  Most importantly I want ‘normal’ people (like me) to realise you have to start somewhere and yes it will take time but it will be worth it and you can do it – I used to think there is no way I can do that but I am and if that inspires someone then I am happy with that!

There are three things I will be doing for the next 4 weeks as part of this programme and they are:
  1. Getting up earlier in the morning to complete the workout videos prior to starting my working day and set my off first thing on the right track.
  2. Making sure that I drink at least 1.5 litres of water per day – I went through a period of being very good with this but of late sometimes get to mid afternoon at work and realise I’ve had one cup of tea and one glass of water and can feel the dehydration when working out.
  3. Planning my meals in advance – I am usually very good with what I eat and 99% of the time I am a ‘from fresh’ girl who cooks but with an active lifestyle I have tended to, of late, eat a lot of variations of egg as its quick and easy and can mix with avocado, smoked salmon etc but planning will give more a variation for my meals.
I have roped in the help of my hubby for this programme.  He will be my accountability buddy.  I was going to choose my son but I changed my mind as he is 17 and try as I might to get him involved in my weight loss and fitness journey he is just not that interested in either (as you would expect from a 17 year old boy) and is lucky enough that he doesn’t seem to share the genes that myself and my husband have as we have always been a bit bigger and he is the polar opposite with very little fat despite the fact that he could eat more than the two of us put together!

So over the next four weeks I will be sharing with you how I am getting on with this new programme.


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