Entry 109 -Halfway through my Julia Buckley pilot programme

I am halfway through my four week Ignite pilot programme and I am loving it!

Don’t get me wrong I chose to set my alarm daily for 5.30am so that I can get the workout done before I went to work so that I could not fall into the trap of getting back late or being too tired and making excuses not to do it. I can’t lie there have been a couple of mornings my alarm has gone off and I have thought please let me stay in this warm and cosy bed but no I’ve got up and got it done!  No excuses!

My husband is my accountability buddy and he knows the score but so far I’ve been so good he hasn’t had to kick my butt at all (insert smug face here).

Julia Buckley has an online gym and the support on there is incredible.  Julia is on hand every day and so are all the other members so the conversation flows so easily, which is incredible in terms of support and swapping advice.

The workouts are 30 minutes each but don’t let that fool you into thinking that they may be an easy 30 minute workout because they are not.  I am dripping in sweat after all of them.

It works the same as HIIT workouts with maximum calorie burning in minimum time, achieved by intervals of high and medium intensity exercises.  No equipment is needed so this can be done at home, in the park, at the gym – lots of options.  the workouts are more interesting than the norm so don’t get boring at all.

Of course you only get out what you put in so you do need to give it your all for the duration of the workout.

In order to see the results from the pilot programme I have kept other working out to a minimum though I have had an 8 mile run and a spin class.  I’ve lost one pound and when I ran I slowed it down by 30 seconds per mile and it felt much better than before so for me at the end of this programme it is not weight loss or measurements that will be the tell tale signs of results from this but if there is an improvement in my running.

So the programme is going well though yesterday I did have a toddler tantrum as I didn’t want to run, I was tired, I wanted to lay in my bed or on the sofa and stay under my warm blanket.  But I got up and changed and headed out the door for a run.  After two laps round the block my Garmin watch had not picked up the satellite signal and the wind was blowing and it had started raining and I’d had enough and decided I would just stop right there so no run.  After all if it isn’t on Strava it didn’t happen! ha ha


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