Entry 160 – Nuclear Fallout

As you know I absolutely love Nuclear Races.  I love the events, love to participate, love to marshall, love the atmosphere – literally can’t get enough of it (in case that wasn’t clear – I love it).

This time last year I took part in the 12k Fallout event and at the weekend I went back for more.


Once again I was part of the amazing team Scrambled Legs – an amazing group of people and I couldn’t imagine doing it with anyone else.  We start together, we laugh our way round and we finish together.


The 12k course has 100 obstacles and the route had been amended by the Nuclear family to allow for what was feared to be pretty rubbish weather.  So it was no surprise that as we arrived it was raining. And cold, I guess I should mention it was cold.

Parking up, registering, bag drop, collecting ordered items everything is always easy and hassle free at Nuclear and so after parking up we were in the event village with the team in no time.

When our wave was called we headed to the start pen and joined in with the warm up and off we went.

Nuclear is known for its mud and as usual (especially with the rain) there was mud in abundance! A couple of our team were new and wearing road trainers so were sliding around like bambi on ice, not that we laughed (much).

Really nice touch to have a couple of fire pits going, jelly babies being given out and hot juice as well – we started dancing whilst drinking those next to the fire and almost didn’t want to leave – was a nice warm up after a plunge in the lake following the Death Slide, which was really cold but my favourite obstacle so no way I was missing it!

Was also following an obstacle being run by Scott from the PT Barn who I am currently training with as always good to see a friendly face and some words of encouragement.

As always there were many Mudd Queens either running in the event or marshalling and as I’ve said before this is a group I am part of for ladies who take part in OCRs and such a supportive group of people, many of whom are now friends, that the Mudd Queen love was amazing as we made our way round the course.

I am a tad gutted with myself that I didn’t even attempt the obstacle Isotope but it freaks me out – one day I will have the courage!

I should apologise to my team members for any feet to the face moments – I am very grateful to their help in getting my up and over a wall or two and don’t intentionally kick them in the face (Adam) – next time I will have more control over my feet.


Some of the team were lucky to collect their Mudallion medal as well as the medal for the event as they had completed all of the Nuclear events this year (I missed one due to holidays) but I will get that next year!

I am now aching and covered in bruises – possibly too much information but most sore part is always my legs and arms that take a battering but also my stomach and boobs! I think I land on my stomach a lot and boobs just get in the way! They seem to perch going over things and then get stuck as you’re trying to get down the other side – and that’s just on the obstacle course then you have the whole other issue of trying to get off a sports bra whilst muddy and wet, which is a whole other ball game that should get its own medal – pesky boobs! But as always it was definitely worth it and I cannot recommend it enough!

Thanks as well to all the marshalls at the event without whom it would not be possible but their encouragement and energy is so very appreciated!





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