Judgement Day Team Challenge


On Saturday I headed to Pippingford Park with Team Scrambled Legs to take on the Judgement Day Team Challenge.

I had seen photos from this event last year and it looked a lot of fun so quickly added it to me calendar for 2017.

The idea is to register with a team, pick a theme and all turn up in fancy dress, grab a tyre, grab a sandbag, get a map and off you go.  You have to navigate your way to every obstacle and once complete the marshal will sign off your map – once all obstacles are signed off you can head back and you are done.

It is a team challenge and meant to be fun – it is the last event of the season for most and with no chip timing there is no pressure to go crazy for quick times or podium positions.

We were dressed as old grannies.  There were five of us (all Mudd Queens) so 3 had a blow up zimmer frame whilst 1 had the tyre and the other the 20kg sandbag and we alternated as we completed each obstacle.

I had never done a Judgement Day event and I must say this won me over as it was just so much fun – I need to look at my 2018 calendar of events now to see what I can fit in where for JD.  As we navigated the course we saw many a Mudd Queen and loads of friends and familiar faces from the OCR World including lots of PT Barn regulars, Team Elements and OCR Wrongens.

Some of the costumes were amazing!  The Wrongens were pulling their captain Vince for the whole thing, Elements were Toy Story and as you heard the shout ‘Andy’s Coming’ you all had to fall to the floor and there was even a swat team accompanying Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un.

Challenges along the route included off road driving, a dark tunnel crawl, getting your tyre and sandbag across some monkey bars over some icy water by whatever means necessary, water traverse, tug of war, rope climb, log carry, wall climb, rings, karaoke hut and some more I have forgotten I am sure.  It was also very hilly and with a tyre and sandbag meant it was not a quick course though that was not the aim – the aim was fun and that was what we had!

It reminded me of why I fell in love with OCR in the first place – it is the friendly faces, the supportive extended arm just as you need a hand, the lack of egos if you are an elite or someone who can’t do many obstacles love it nonetheless, the friendly comments and words of encouragement and the teamwork!

Thank you JD – and I can see why you won your awards at the weekend at Mustacle!

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