Entry 175 – A change is as good as a rest

My main event for 2017 has been and gone, and whilst the Vatternrundan was absolutely epic and I loved it, I have other events for the remainder of the year and I am switching my training up.

I am lucky that I surround myself with people who are awesome.  Being part of cycling, running and triathlon clubs means I spend time with people who are inspiring and so positive.  Having people like this in your life lifts you up and makes me realise I can do what I set out to achieve.


For the rest of the year I have two 100 mile bike rides (the Prudential Ride London 100 and Birmingham Velo) and so my training on the bike will continue for both of those.

I also have four obstacle runs (Nuclear Blast, Nuclear Blackout, Spartan Beast and Nuclear Fallout).

I recently took part and completed Spitfire Scramble (a 24 hour relay run) as part of the amazing, all female, team Scrambled Legs.  Whilst I had a blast and loved it I have not done much running this year at all and I didn’t find any of my three 10k laps easy.  I have much to work on in terms of running including posture, technique and breathing.

So I have spoken with a friend, who is also an amazing personal trainer and has worked with my husband as his strength and conditioning coach in the run up to his full distance Ironman this year, and she is setting me a plan to help with all of the above.  She asks me what I want and I basically send her a picture of a body perfect woman and say this, this is what I want.  She ignores me.  She has her work cut out for her.  And so today sees my first session with her #bodybyvinny

All of the above means a change to the structure of my weekly training plan and also my nutrition.  All for the better.


I have invested in some new workout equipment including:

  • skipping rope
  • battle ropes and anchor
  • agility ladder
  • boxing gloves
  • core bag
  • I also have a huge tyre that is currently at a friends that I will soon be collecting

When I start using these in my garden I am sure my neighbours are going to think I am nuts!  To one side one neighbour has swingball and the other a hot tub and there will be me flipping a lorry tyre (as you do).

I will be sharing some hints and tips as to how you can train for an obstacle run including plans from Spartan and how you can use these also, which hopefully people will find useful.


Watch this space…….

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