Round up of 2018

At the end of the previous two years I have looked back and seen just what I have been up to and at the end of last year I finished with a knee injury so my start to this year was not ideal.  At the beginning of August this year I was knocked off my bike and it meant that I needed medical treatment for that and I lost a couple of months on the bike and it is surprising how quickly that bike and run fitness goes (not that my run fitness has ever been spectacular but I still do it though I had really made improvements on the bike and was so pleased with my progress so would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed)!  So I finish the year not quite where I want to be BUT with lots of bike plans for next year and a new bike for it too!

I have learned that as frustrating as injuries are that they happen to most of us and its how you deal with it that really matters so I pull up my big girl knickers and get on with it.  Being part of cycle, run and triathlon clubs I am surrounded by amazingly inspirational people, however, no one is exempt from injuries.  A couple of people specifically to note include my gorgeous friend Liv who was knocked off her bike during Ironman Staffordshire 70.3 and had a lengthy recovery in and out of hospital after suffering a host of injuries including a broken jaw but still went on to complete Ironman Italy!  Also my husband who has an ongoing issue with his leg that also sees him hospitalised but each time he picks himself back up and carries on and also completed Ironman Italy.  They both stuck a big middle finger up to their injuries and completely took on their challenging comebacks and proved how tough they really are.

So I learned that when injured you just have to adjust your plan and often the comeback is sweeter.

Despite the setback I am still able to look back and see what I completed including:

In addition to the above I have taken a different approach to my planning and trying to train smarter for better results.

I tried my hand a time trialling on the bike too though I am yet to do a solo TT and instead opted for a 2-up but intend to do more next year and brave the solo effort!


I also joined a CrossFit gym!  I have wanted to for so long and was so nervous but it was all worrying for nothing and the lovelies at Iron Phoenix CrossFit have been brilliant!

I have changed the strapline to my blog as I have learned through this process it is not about weight loss it is more important for me to be healthier and happier.  It now reads ‘Be Fearlessly Unapologetically You’ and that is me!

I already have the following events planned for 2019 and its all about the bike!

There will be a lot more bike added to the above so if you know of any good events or fancy a ride let me know!

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