Entry 181 – If you never try, you’ll never know

At the weekend I spent the afternoon at The PT Barn getting a private session with the amazing Coach Scotty with a group of lovelies.  I loaded some of the pics and received a lovely message from a lady telling me that I was doing so well and inspired her to try new things and she was asking for some advice.  My advice always is to just try because that is what I do.  She had her reservations about being no good or slow etc and it made me want to write a blog post.


I’ve done a post before about my support network and always add posts following events or achievements and have even done them when I am in a funk.

I am on a fitness and weight loss journey and that in itself comes with a lot of ups and downs so whilst I try to be positive I am human and I have my ups and downs like everyone else – it is not all smiles and laughter.

But I am doing it.

I am not the quickest on the bike but I cycle.

I am not the fastest runner but I run.

I am not particularly good at obstacles but I take part and complete many obstacle runs.

Maybe one day I will be quicker, stronger and better but that is not what spurs me on – what spurs me on is getting fitter and enjoying it.  For me I have to enjoy it.

Enjoying it is also partly down to the people I surround myself with who make it enjoyable.

I won’t harp on with lots of cliches but I will say there will always be someone quicker than you, always someone stronger, always someone you could compare yourself to whatever level you are but does that matter?  Everyone has something different that drives them and I can only speak for myself but I just want to see an improvement in me.  I am not in competition with anyone else.


I had the lucky opportunity to go to a training camp earlier in the year with Havering Tri and there are many amazing athletes there but their support helped me to better myself.  However, at the start of that week I cried at my husband as I felt totally overwhelmed by the whole experience but I got it done.

I also attend a track session where most are quicker than me but their support helps me.  I am always nervous about going to track but in the environment we run in you are never more than 100 metres from someone.

At the session I had at the PT Barn at the weekend learning obstacle techniques I had a total wobble at the top of a vertical cargo net climb but it was the support and patience of Scott and the rest of the group that got me through including getting myself up and over a six foot wall which I had never even come close to previously.  I left that session with a huge smile on my face though later when I reflected and realised again most people there were better than me I had a moment where I asked myself why I was bothering at all?

You know what who cares?  Everyone starts somewhere and if I didn’t do anything because of someone being better than me I would never do anything!


I am doing this for me and my achievements are no less or more than anyone else’s and neither should yours.

Enjoy your journey and do so unapologetically.


So just try because what is the worst that could happen? Speaking from experience if I had not tried many of the things on my journey I would not have achieved all I have so far nor met all the wonderful people I now know and call friends! Putting yourself out there and trying new things can bring the most amazing experiences.

This Girl Can and so can you!

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