Entry 182 – Overnight Oats

I am loving overnight oats at the moment.  They have become my go to breakfast for most days. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a saint and there’s many days I wake up and just want a bacon sandwich. Doesn’t everyone have those days?

I eat breakfast at work and so take in my cute jar that’s been in the fridge overnight – you can make the oats in anything but I use a jar simply because I think it’s cute. I’m sad like that.

I like the fact that they are ready for me to just pick up out of the fridge and take with no prep in the morning and quite honestly I love breakfast. I don’t really get people who don’t eat breakfast – I don’t really get people who skip meals. I plan my days around my food. That’s my problem.

There are many variations of overnight oat recipes but the basic that I use is:

  • 40g raw rolled oats
  • 3tbsps fat free yoghurt (though I do sometimes use oat milk instead)
  • Fruit of my choice

The method is pretty simple in that I mix the oats and yoghurt/milk and put the fruit on top and then I put in the fridge overnight. You can add protein powder also if you wish although once I had a trial sachet I used and that turned my oats green which was odd?

I have also used the Lean in 15 recipe using quinoa which is also very good.

Overnight oats provide energy, fiber and help you control your appetite, resist food cravings, and boost your metabolism. Sadly it doesn’t mean the more you eat the more your metabolism works.

I use whatever fruit I have to top off mine and swap daily just to keep it interesting.

Do you make overnight oats and if so hit me with some flavour/topping ideas!

3 thoughts on “Entry 182 – Overnight Oats

  1. Love overnight oats! I adapted a Bircher muesli recipe which basically means I pack mine with pumpkin and sunflower seeds, ground nuts, chia seeds and grated apple and use apple juice and yoghurt. Topped with blueberries…..yum-o-la!! X

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