Go Bites – I am a fan!

I have written a previous post on fuelling for events and make no excuses for the fact that I am a total food snob and like to know exactly what I am eating especially when fuelling for events.  I won’t preach that one way is better than another as I think it is a completely personal thing and what works for one very easily could not work for someone else.  I have found, for me, this has been very trial and error.  In the post, that can be read here, I talk about Go Faster Food.

I first met with Kate and Sophie from Go Bites on a Skype call where they found out more about me and vice versa.  It was nice to talk to two inspiring ladies who were passionate about the product and keen to understand more of what my goals were and how I could use their product to help.

A little more about these ladies – Sophie is a personal trainer, registered nutritionist and has a masters in sport and exercise nutrition and is also an amazing sportswoman too.  Kate is the face of the brand and one of the founders.  Both of these ladies are extremely active and their passion is evident as they are working on a product and brand that they use themselves.

Earlier in the year I attending a training camp in Lanzarote and went armed with my go bites for fuel for cycling and running.  I also took spare and dished them out to many people within my triathlon club and they were well received!  I have also used these balls when participating in two half marathons with a friend who subsequently used them herself when she took part in another half marathon.

The book they have has also provided some staple recipes that now form part of my event routine such as the overnight oats, porridge and there is always a jar of granola in my kitchen now too.  If you check out their website you can find some free recipes that could interest you.

I was excited to learn that there would be three new flavours added to the range and of course didn’t pass up on the opportunity to try these and give some feedback.  The flavours available now are:

  • Date and coconut boost balls
  • Raspberry and cacao boost balls (NEW)
  • Apricot and seed refuel balls
  • Strawberry and cashew refuel balls (NEW)
  • Hazlenut and cacao recover balls
  • Blackcurrant and blueberry recover balls (NEW)

What are they like? I really like them.  They fit perfectly into a running belt, cycle jersey pocket or bike bag and also my handbag as a snack!  I have also been adding them cut up to my porridge of a morning.

So in short the new flavours get a thumbs up from me, with the raspberry and cacao balls being my favourite, and I look forward to using them more in the future as my training continues through the winter.

These go bites are all gluten, wheat, dairy free with no added sugar free and are also vegan. Using 100% natural ingredients is certainly something that appeals to me to ensure I am more conscious about what I am fuelling myself with.

If you would like to try the Go Bites you can use code TASTER20 for 20% off your first order over £9.99.

The product I received was complimentary, but all opinions are my own.

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