Hello Fresh

Back in June last year I completed a trial of Hello Fresh for Healthy Living London.  You can read the review here.

I was sceptical.  If I am honest I was thinking it would take some convincing for me to be converted.  Why was I sceptical?  I am a self confessed food snob and I was worried the food would not be fresh and it would be boring recipes that I would soon get bored of.  But I was happy to be proved wrong

Following the two week trial I was really impressed!  I even purchased the cookbook for my grandparents.  I then signed up to continue with the meals and over eight months later I am still a fan.


I like being able to choose in advance what I want to have for upcoming weeks and that I can put on hold if I am on holiday and resume once back.

I found I got stuck in a rut before using Hello Fresh where I would be so busy with full time work and training alongside a family including a dog and often settle for a bagel for dinner and wonder why I woke the following morning wanting to eat everything in sight.

I genuinely haven’t had a bad meal since subscribing to Hello Fresh.  I have had an item missing and phoned and the customer service was great – very apologetic, credit added to my account that is then taken off future orders and sorted quickly.  For a period I did notice the portion size of the fish and sweet potatoes seemed to be getting smaller plus carrots seemed to be quite bendy but I provided some feedback and haven’t had a problem since.

It works perfectly for me and my family.  I have a husband, son, dog, full time job and train at least four times per week.  Being able to open the fridge and simply pull out a bag with everything I need and follow a clearly laid out recipe card step by step is a saving grace.  My husband and son also don’t eat meat and that has not caused a problem either – we always ate more fish than meat anyway but found the recipes easy to adapt and if I picked a meat one could almost always divide and do him a portion with some fish I would buy or vice versa.

All of the meals are created by the Hello Fresh chefs and nutritionists so I know what I am eating is good for me.  I don’t need to worry about portion size as you pre determine how many people you are cooking for.  It also keeps it interesting – in the time I have been having these meals I have not yet had the same one twice.

And all the packaging is recyclable and the bags and boxes come with cute little messages encouraging you to do just that and recycle them.

If you are tempted check out the website here and if you use the code LISATHA you get £20 off your first box too!

The only person I couldn’t convince was my step dad.  He said he is not keen on all that origami they sprinkle over everything – I think he meant oregano ha ha!


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