Craft Sportswear

Craft is a brand that I am familiar with, however, more from the European events I have attended and not so much in the UK.  This is a shame as the kit I have had has been great and affordable!  Anyone who is into any form of exercise will know that kit and equipment come at a price and even buying the essentials can quickly add up.

I recently reviewed the new Craft Fuseknit Jersey, that you can read here, which came just at the right time as the weather started cooling and I am certain will be one of my most used items through the winter months.


I am signed up for a number of events in 2019 and so I am aiming to ensure my training continues through the winter and good kit will be a massive benefit.

When my husband and some friends completed Ironman Dubai 70.3 instead of a finishing tshirt they were given a gillet (slightly odd for a country with such high temperatures but great for them) and it is an item that is handy especially over the winter when trying to get layering right.

Given the opportunity to try out the Craft Urban Run Body Warmer it was an easy yes.  The body warmer is pretty much the same as a gillet, and I didn’t even have to complete a half ironman to get one ha ha.

So the body warmer is again another Craft item that at first glance looked great though it was the same size as the jersey but more snug around the chest area when trying on for the first time so I was unsure how I would get on with it (and yes, I am quite large chested).  As the large is the biggest size in this item for women I tried again and decided to give it a go and see how I got on.  It fit and I could zip it up but not being the best runner I was slightly concerned that being tighter across the chest would not help with the breathing aspect of running and well breathing is pretty crucial in life!

Off I set with the dog for my first run in it and like the jersey I decided I may as well test it in weather that it claims to have benefits in.  The label stated it was quick dry, water repellent and wind protective.  I was setting out in the cold with rain coming down and bitter cold winds – lets see how good this item really is.

It was great!

I came back with a drowned rat of a dog from the weather and sopping wet hair but with the jersey and body warmer I wasn’t cold at all.  Don’t get me wrong I had been for a run so will always work up a sweat but it was that sort of weather where I procrastinated going in the first place then figured right Craft kit lets see what you’re made of (don’t worry I wasn’t actually debating with the items of clothing).


The gillet had beads of rain all over it that literally just wiped off and was dry to the touch straight away.  The jersey was pretty much the same.  The body warmer fit really nice, was super comfortable and actually very flattering.

I have since run in it twice and walked the dog in it too.  When I layer up I always worry I will actually end up too hot but this is really lightweight and was just right.

The body warmer is £65, which is a lot cheaper than most leading brands when I was looking for running gillets and you can check it out here.

I was gifted the jersey and gillet, but all opinions are my own.

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