Kit Review – BioRacer Bib Shorts

If you follow me on social media you will see many pictures in my club kit.  This is custom kit and Romford CC get this from BioRacer UK.  So I have many years worth of experience of using kit from this supplier.  I actually handle club kit for my club and it is always great dealing with these guys especially as they themselves are cyclists and can give first hand advice and recommendations that are knowledgeable – nothing worse than being sold something by someone who doesn’t know the sport it is used for or the nuances you may encounter.


I was contacted to review some kit and part of me thought I know the kit already but the other was intrigued as it is slightly different to the kit that I currently have.  I have also found previously that sometimes the quality of custom kit can differ somewhat to that you can purchase off the shelf and so was interested to see if this was the case with BioRacer.  Thankfully the quality was the same, which I am pleased to say as I think it should be that way.

If you cycle you will probably recognise the name BioRacer especially if you watch any social media coverage of global cycling events as many teams have kit by this manufacturer.  I was also pleased to see a BioRacer stand at a recent event I attended in Sweden, the Vatternrundan, especially as I went without a rain jacket and knew that I would not be disappointed with one from these guys – thankfully I didn’t need a rain jacket but I know in future it will be of use.  Was really good to see all the local teams out in Sweden riding and all in BioRacer kit too.


So the new bib shorts – what are they and how are they different?  Well they are the same look but on closer inspection I noticed a zip at the back – what is this wizardry?  Well I think I am just late to the party as I have not had this on any of my kit previously but quite a few people I know had or have used similar.  My initial thoughts was that this could be an absolute nightmare as I don’t wear knickers under bib shorts (if you don’t cycle then don’t read this in alarm and think I am some sort of weird nudist, I can assure you this is very common and most people go commando with bib shorts as the chamois pad is design to sit next to the skin and additional layers can cause friction and chaffing) – what if the zip opens?  The thought is terrifying!


On the flip side not having to almost completely undress for a convenience break is amazing!  So many times on a ride and you need a loo break but its such a hassle to almost strip completely down just to go so the zip with easy access is fabulous!

When in Sweden I had three rides I was signed up for.  They were 100km, 150km and 300km so for each I had made my choices in advance as to what kit I would be wearing.  There was never a question around the kit for the longer distance and it would always have been my club kit from BioRacer.  I love the fit, its super comfortable, doesn’t move around and I knew that 300km on I would not be disappointed with my choice and I wasn’t!  The new bibs came with me and in between events I wore these.


So what did I think?  Really easy to endorse!  Same quality as I expected like my club kit, my favourite chamois from all bib shorts I own – using BioRacer developed chamois.  As quoted on their website:

‘Our shorts use proprietary padding. It is developed in-house by us. It’s based on ideas and technologies we have researched, tried and tested. We specialize in biomechanics, millimeter perfect fit and adjustments. This is why the majority of pro-tour riders trust our padding. It’s why certain padding manufacturers study us to see what they wish to come up with next. But rest assured, we are always one step ahead.’

I would say the zip adds a little restriction in terms of the stretch but that is as expected and so minimal that once on the bike it was unnoticeable.  Easy to undo and do the zip back up and no rubbing from the zip either – flap of material at the top once the zip is back in place and it finishes above the pad.  The legs have the same BioRacer grippers I am used to which keep the shorts in place with no annoying riding up or movement as you cycle.


I have also used on the turbo trainer at home and again they are fab.  I have said before but I often feel that a better quality bib short is the best for a turbo trainer as there is no natural movement and so comfort is key.

The shorts I had are called Vesper with the flamingo design and can be found here.  I have said before that I have kit that ranges from cheap to expensive and actually my most expensive pair of bib shorts are my least comfortable ones so I am not claiming that the more you pay the better they are as that is not the case in my experience.  However, if I can find kit that is comfortable and stops soreness downstairs then yes I am happy to pay for that luxury.  These BioRacer bib shorts retail at £99 and in my opinion worth every penny.


They also have the matching jersey too that you can find here! and you will know I love anything that is a bit different and this design really caught my eye.  I love the detail on the jersey and the gripper at the base of the jersey to stop it from riding up the body, which can be really annoying.


I was gifted the bib shorts and jersey, but all opinions are my own.

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