Ladies only classes at Wild Forest Gym

If you follow me on Instagram you will no doubt have seen a number of posts from training sessions at Wild Forest Gym.  Some of them are my own training and some from the classes they put on, specifically the ladies only class.  They run two a week, one on a Tuesday morning and one on a Wednesday evening.  I attend the Wednesday session with my friend Emma.

The class is run by Tracey and is fab.  Tracey is nuts and a lot of fun.  She is also full of great tips for techniques and ways to tackle the obstacles.


Every Wednesday we make our way through the forest gym with our head torches and we get sh*t done. I can’t (yet) do all the obstacles so sometimes it is more I am trying to get sh*t done. But that’s fine, that’s what we are there for.

I go with my friend Emma who is a PT and I am on a fitness and weight loss journey so between us we have very different levels of fitness. I have also been injured and Tracey has even amended some of the workouts to allow for my injury. The sessions are fab and suitable for all abilities so whilst I understand why people may be hesitant (I was to begin with) there is absolutely no reason to worry that you may not be fit enough.

I love being able to work out in an outdoor gym, whilst also being able to work on improving on the obstacles.  I also love the variation – one week we may work on the monkey bars and rings and finish with some circuits using the atlas balls and large tyres and another week we may work on walls and complete pyramid exercises for example 1 sit up then climb up and over the wall then 2 sit ups and repeat up until 10. No sessions are the same!


I have made definite improvements since I have been attending these classes and would absolutely recommend to anyone thinking about it. I am also trying to work on improving my confidence and this helps!

Yes it is cold but you warm up quickly.  Yes it is muddy but who cares? That’s half the fun!  Yes it is dark but that is what the head torches are for.  Yes you may have a little fright by the sound of deers in the forest but you laugh about it as Tracey dances (she did this last Wednesday and it was very funny).

See you there one Wednesday?  I hope so!


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