Entry 106 – Nuclear Races and Team Scrambled Legs – you rock!

On Saturday I took part in Nuclear Fallout, one of the Nuclear Races events, with the most amazing group of people!  I’m not sure what else to say because that just sums it up – amazing! And I feel a little bad for you all as your Saturday could not have compared.  My Saturday with these guys and completing this event was just brilliant!

It was cold and it was wet – of course.  Nuclear Fallout was 13.84k with 86 obstacles.  I know some people will just think what?  Are you mad?  But hear me out, because its awesome!  You will remember my blog post about the Bear Grylls Survivor race – we were not impressed with that event at all, but this race – Mr Grylls you could learn and thing or two my friend (and then refund me the money I paid for your race once you realise it sucks in comparison). Harsh? But fair!

The course is close to home for me and a lot of our team, Scrambled Legs, had done this event before.  One of the lovely ladies actually made champs for her age – Lauren Barnes – epic!

In between the obstacles the running is through the wood and across fields where the cold wind really slapped you in the face and the ground was so uneven but thats what its all about right?  If it was easy everyone would do it!

I was armed with my new Mud Queens wrag and was proud to wear it.  These ladies are amazing!  They were like angels sent from heaven handing out jelly beans at the different obstacles.  And other Mud Queen runners showing much support on the course often stopping for mud hugs!

The team work on the course was amazing and from everyone – fellow team mates, other runners and the marshalls.  There is a proper can do attitude and everyone stops and helps and is more than happy to do so, which was great for me as I don’t think I would get out of some of the obstacles on my own – high mud slopes without a helping hand would leave me in a wet ditch for a long time I’m sure!  Two of the guys in our team were amazing and at every obstacle helping – everyone should have a Steve or Bobby when completing one of these events!

Favourite obstacle?  Definitely either the zip wire or the death slide!


It would have been much much better if I had trail shoes and so something I will definitely invest in for my next obstacle race – because there will be more, many more.  The next Nuclear is in May and i will be there for sure!  Normal trainers just don’t cut it – I was part running part skiing through mud for a lot of it and even fell over before I even got to some obstacles – still it’s all fun.

Before I do that though I will make use of the Wild Forest Gym, which we ran past on the course route – looks amazing!  I could do with hints and tips and general obstacle training though I am good with running downhill and sliding on my bum – I’ve got that sh*t handled!

I must mention one group we saw on the course, a whole team with one member in a wheelchair – No Fear on Wheels.  This guy is awesome and the whole team are too.  He does all the obstacles and they run with him pulling on ropes, pushing you name it.  I mean when you see people like that its so inspirational – massive respect to them all!


I was so pleased when I got to the final few obstacles and saw my hubby – made my day even better!

It took me quite some time to defrost, I’m not going to lie, and even laying in a hot bath (which soon resembled mud soup) didn’t seem to do the trick.  My legs are bruised all over, I had mud in places you should not get mud, my running leggings are ripped, I ached and was so tired by early evening and would do it all over again!  I’ve got way too many photos to add to this post but you can find them on my facebook page here.


Yes I am crazy, yes I was in pain and yes I paid to do it! And i got to finally meet one of the lovely ladies, Kelly, that reads my blog as she recognised me part way round and we even had the chance to help each other up and over some pretty steep mud banks – there is no dignity on an obstacle run its a case of help someone up grab what you can (arse, foot, leg, any body part really) and push/hoist!

Getting up the following day was fun – achey achey achey!  I don’t think there was a part of me that didn’t ache!  I almost needed to go down the stairs on my bum but that ached too much too.  Today is no better!


I found from a facebook group someone who was in the same wave as me posted a video he was recording as he went round the course so if you are feeling curious take a look here – and then sign yourself up for the next one in May!

Go Team Scrambled Legs!!!!

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