Entry 117 – Nuclear Races …with my son!

I took part, with the amazing team Scrambled Legs, in Nuclear Fallout in November and received an email shortly after to sign up for a free taster session, bringing along someone who had not been before.  I signed myself up straight away and for those who have been to Nuclear before or taken part in a Nuclear Races event will know why I didn’t even need a second thought!

So I have a 17 year old son, Jack.  Jack has taken part in a Spartan sprint with my husband/his dad before but had not been to Nuclear so I asked if he would like to be my newbie for the session.  In typical 17 year old fashion he said yeah ok, completely emotionless.

On Saturday we headed to Brentwood for the taster session.

The taster sessions at Nuclear are brilliant for people who might want to get involved in obstacle runs but are not sure of what that entails.  They are £17 per person, cover approximately 5-7k (depending on what part of the course the group you are in is assigned) and the session lasts for approximately 90 minutes.

What I love most about Nuclear is that they own the land so this obstacle run is not put up to be taken down again but instead is full of natural obstacles, using the forests, fields, lakes on the land, as well as man made obstacles.

Now I won’t lie I was hoping that it was a signed 5-7k and we would be let loose.  I didn’t really want to be taken around my a marshall, which was the case, BUT I am so pleased we were and that I was wrong, as this is not a mini event it is an introduction to what you should expect from a Nuclear obstacle event.

Everyone who was there for the taster session was divided into groups and my son and I were in the black group, led by some of the Nuclear family – Manners and Dita and also Craig.  And how invaluable these guys were!!  We set off and every obstacle we came to they explained techniques and how to get over/across/through them.  Having taken part in Fallout and knowing what obstacles I wasn’t able to get over/past before it was great that during the taster session I was able (with a lot of help) to complete the Ridge of Revenge, the 5.5 vertical wooden wall Vertigo and landed without falling in the water on the No Snivelling Swing.

We were also able to have a go on 3 obstacles that were not part of Fallout and were just for the Champs course, the Cliff Hanger, Dragons Back and the Sternum Checker.

I attempted all and was successful (even if with help) on all apart from the Berlin Wall – I think my tits are too big to get close enough to the wall and I fell off as I did before but I tried!  I wasn’t brave enough to have a go on one of the champs obstacles, Dragons Back, where you climb up a chain link fence to a landing and jump across to the next and repeat but my son, Jack, did and I must say he does not get his upper body strength from me!  I have a lot to learn in that area and my upper body strength is similar to that of a baby bird (without wings) whereas he could swing across monkey bars with ease!

At the end of the session we were all asked if we wanted to have a go on the Death Slide obstacle.  Jack looked at me questioning an obstacle that was called Death Slide but I told him to put his hand up and off we ran with our group to the obstacle.  This was possibly my favourite part of Fallout – the part the death slide is in completely was the best!

I am actually truly gutted that I cannot make the next Nuclear event in May but I will be back for both the September and November events and if you are thinking about it I would urge you to sign up as you will not be disappointed.  Want to check it out beforehand?  Have a look on the website and sign yourself up for the next taster session.

You get wet, you get muddy and you have fun the process – what is there to think about?!  I know 3 people who want to book a taster session and I am going to tag along just so I can get to do it all over again…and again…and again!


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