Entry 189 – My Muddy Weekend

This weekend I spent the majority of my time covered in mud and it was amazing!

Saturday saw me attend Nuclear Fallout 12k – the final event in the season for Nuclear, always my favourite and it didn’t disappoint.  It was also the first of the Nuclear Challenge Cup, a competitive wave seeing the best racers compete for qualifying slots in the results.  As we arrive we were able to see Conor Hancock and Tristan Steed finish and claim first and second place respectively.  That was pretty amazing as these guys are just awesome to watch. Absolutely chuffed for my friend Andy who I’ve been nagging to try Nuclear for ages and he finally did and came second in his age so qualified for the World Champs next year – which Nuclear are hosting!

I was completing Fallout with my muddy buddies Emma and Laura and we take part to have fun.  I was a little nervous given my recent knee injury, Laura suffers with a bad back and Emma hurt her hip getting over a wall about half way round so we really were like the walking wounded.


It was muddy and it was cold but it was awesome and I would recommend to anyone.  There were some new obstacles and differences with previous ones too – this is something I love about Nuclear, they are always changing it up and loved the climbing wall to get on the death slide!

Finishing Fallout saw me complete all the Nuclear events for this year – Rush 12k, Blast, Blackout and Fallout 12k and that saw Emma and I earn our mudallion – its huge and we love it!  I should also note that this time last year I could not pay Emma to take part in something like this and she’s now hooked!


I woke Sunday wondering why I had signed up for another obstacle run knowing that Fallout was the day before but I have previously done Commando Series and also loved that.  I am someone who likes these races where the natural terrain is used rather than urban events and Commando is set in Hever Castle in Kent, which is just beautiful and led by marines, which is always an added bonus (purely because of their experience of course although they are also very easy on the eye – would you like a hand there?  Oh yes why not, thank you kind sir).

In the run up to the event you receive emails and a text message in line with commando orders, mine read as follows:

Sunday 12 Nov. Recruit Lisa Thake. You are Race Number 150, in Wave 2 09:30, Orders can be found here (with a link to a page with all the details of the event). Your waiting time is via (with a link to the details)

Orders at the ready, Commando saw another team of three and whilst Emma was joining again we had another friend, Amy, with us and this was her first experience of an obstacle run.  Having done this before I knew what to expect and I knew Amy would enjoy it so I am please she signed up on my recommendation and even more pleased to say she was fab and loved it too!


Commando includes 21 obstacles similar to those that are used by the Royal Marines.  This year saw the addition of some new obstacles as well – leap of faith, raiders of the lost commando and gate vault.

The whole event was completely made by the sound effects that Amy provided.  Delicate little oohs and aahs with each muddy slip, fall or encounter with freezing cold water saw Emma and I laughing our way around. Although the funniest moment had to be Emma managing somehow to hook her elbow on a wall and just hanging there waiting for help!

As Hever is open to visitors there were spectators at various parts of the course including a crowd at sheep dip where you full submerge in water and go through a 2 metre long tube – it sounds a lot worse than it is and is over very quickly though my god was it cold!  Thankfully this was toward the end.

As we completed the final obstacle, a 12 foot wall, we ran through the finish together and claimed our dog tag medals.  There were fires in metal containers dotted around which were so nice and also warm showers.  You cannot underestimate how nice it is for a stranger  to pour hot water over you after one of these runs – it’s like a little bit of heaven!


Hats off to Commando for another great event, I will definitely be back next year and you managed to convince our new recruit to do the same too.  You are able to choose how you wish to take part either as:

  1. Treat me as a Commando and you will be beasted as you go round the course.
  2. Just get me round where you can go round the course at your own pace with no additional beasting.
  3. As a family – so you can take part with the kids!

As we were changing the chatter in the changing tent was equally as positive with everyone saying how much they enjoyed it and would absolutely return.  Have you done this event before?  Take a look and add it to your list for 2018!

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