Entry 170 – My weekend at Nuclear Races

I’ve had the best weekend!  I spent both Saturday and Sunday at Nuclear Races.

On Saturday I took part in the 12k Nuclear Rush obstacle run with the amazing team Scrambled Legs and as per usual they were great and Nuclear did not disappoint.

I’ve written several posts about Nuclear before and so won’t repeat what I’ve already said as I can sum it up by saying it’s awesome so if you’ve not done it before, get involved!

What I love about Nuclear is that they are constantly making new obstacles and changing the routes so it’s never exactly the same.  I was looking forward to trying out some of the new obstacles and yet again was not disappointed.  Some of the new obstacles included:

  • I am yet to see someone exit this gracefully where you crawl into a moving tube and across a gap to the next moving tube (over water) and then out the other side, where most people plopped out.
  • Rolling pins – moving over water across a beam that moves around (I ended up in the water).
  • Cage Rage – moving cage like structures finishing with moving rings to navigate across.
  • The Mega Monkey – a giant rig finishing with
  • The Waffle – a fence to traverse across but its not rigid!
  • The Mudd Queen inspired rings which were so much fun to get across!

I completed Isotope!  Isotope is an obstacle where you climb up a chain link fence to a platform and jump across to the next and grab pole then repeat and finish by coming down a moving fireman’s pole.  That was my one mission for the whole weekend.  I’ve been up that many times and never completed it as I have lost my nerve but thanks to the amazing marshalls I did this weekend.

I then got to see my nephew and nieces after they had taken part in the Rookies course – sharing the mud loving in the family!

On Sunday I returned to marshall for the day.  On this day as well as the Rush event there was also Oblivion Extreme.  Oblivion participants sign up to complete multiple laps of the 12k Rush course with 8.5 hours.  They’re crazy fit, determined and amazing.   They are all in personalised orange vests with their name and number and so very easy to identify.

I’m what you would call a fun runner – I take part to complete and not to compete and seeing these guys in action was pretty amazing.  They set off in the first wave and so were ahead of the other runners but on the following laps both Rush and Oblivion runners were on the course at the same time.  The Oblivion runners were given priority and everyone was perfectly happy to do so.  People cheered, clapped and gave words of encouragement.  The guys running Oblivion were always smiling and grateful to the marshalls and it was a pleasure to help them.

I was marshalling at the lake on an obstacle called Surf Time where runners would take a boogie board and head into the lake, out to an orange buoy and back again – it sounds easier than it is.  I lost count of the number of times I was asked for a board with a motor.

Close by to me was Scotty PT from The PT Barn who was set up at the halfway point on the course to give encouragement and support to the Oblivion participants.  This is Scott’s passion and he is genuinely interesting in helping the OCR community and so if you are looking to get training in any way for an obstacle race he’s your man and I’m sure the many Oblivion runners of yesterday would agree.

So even though I ache – I mean it hurts my arms to reach around and undo my bra (why?!), I now cannot wait until September for both Blast and Blackout and my friend Emma who took part on Saturday has agreed to come back for me as she loved it too despite the fact that she was our new bambi falling and slipping over actually nothing!  I did have one lady complain that there was too much mud and water and said it was ridiculous.  It’s a mud run. That is why Nuclear have the hashtag #lovemud


#thisgirlcan #thisgirlcanessex

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