Entry 29 – I’m in!

One of my early posts spoke about how my dear husband had entered me into a 100 mile bike event last year without telling me and I got in.  Well this year I put in for myself and in the post yesterday was my confirmation that I am in!

This is for the Prudential Ride London event which is a 100 mile bike ride from London to Surrey and back.  It is on closed roads and finishes on the Mall – the weather last year was the tail end of a hurricane and yet I still thoroughly enjoyed it – my longest bike ride to date.

However, because of the bad weather they reduced the route to 86 miles and cut out two of the three biggest ascents; Box Hill and Leith Hill.  So I have my medal from last year and quite frankly given the weather and the fact that I had only started cycling (February of last year was my first 25 mile event) I am proud of myself for that but it would be nice to have the medal for the whole thing so I am even more pleased I got in from the ballot!

There are quite a few of the lovely people from the cycle club, Romford CC, that I belong to who also got in and hopefully those that didn’t will either get a team place or a charity place as the atmosphere is amazing and we all celebrate in the park afterwards then smile for days after!

I also got my numbers for a 10k Race for Life event and the London to Southend 52 mile bike ride so its all go! With many more events to sign up for too!


Good luck and congratulations to everyone who got in to the Ride London event too – Enjoy!

Now it is time to train!


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