Entry 36 – Brighton half marathon and weigh-in day

Sorry but I couldn’t resist the title of this post – but who am I kidding? A half marathon for me?! No way jose! I was in Brighton to support my husband who was taking part in the Brighton half marathon with my cousins other half, Lee, though after the runners set off Tracy and I did run along the sea front and I would be completely lying if I said I wasn’t tempted whilst in my running gear to take a picture at the 13 mile mark ha ha

They completed in 2 hours and 7 minutes and I am hugely jealous of the very large pink medal they received (which coincidentally may go missing from my husbands medal pile at some point – just saying).


The furthest I have run is slightly more than 10k and I am still waiting for that moment that runners tell me you fall in love with running.  I am slowly coming to the conclusion they are liars.  Saturday night sitting in a pub in Brighton the four of us worked out that I had run more than both my husband and Lee and yet I would have been the last one of us to sign up for a half marathon – its a daunting distance! I saw a video of one of the female elite runners at the Austin marathon who was so exhausted after hitting ‘the wall’ that she crawled to the finish – that would be me.  I am proud to say that my husband and Lee finished strong and my cousin Tracy and I were surprised at how smiley they both were – good for them (said through jealous gritted teeth at making a half marathon look relatively easy)!


It amazes me looking at them that they had run over 13 miles by this point – two miles into my run along the sea front with my cousin I had to nip to the loo – I swear I have the bladder of a 90 year old!

Another thing that made me smile yesterday was seeing a post my mum shared on facebook.  She is my biggest fan of this blog (even if she is biased) and I can definitely see where I get my humour from!


And so finally on to weigh-in day today – I lost 1.5lbs so the plaque has been changed and is the highest number I have had so far, 36lbs.


36lbs it turns out is the equivalent of a mid-size microwave!  That’s slightly embarrassing! The chart below is actually quite hilarious!


So I am home alone, still dressed in my pyjamas, totally doing a little victory dance. Although I worked out I have another 35lbs to go until I will be at my ideal weight, and when I reach my target I will have lost the equivalent of an Irish setter dog.   That is pretty daunting but I am halfway there and completely taken with gin now rather than the higher calorie wine so its a win win.

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