Entry 63 – Fitness Challenge at work!

So periodically we have a fitness challenge at my work.  Completely optional though usually brings out the competitive side in some of us though not naming any names (cough cough Danielle and Patrick).

It is simple and straightforward with some rules and it basically works by a points system for various forms of exercising.

I would never take part in this over the years as my exercise ranged from walking to the station and back for work, walking from the sofa to the kitchen at home and walking around Tesco to do my weekly shop, maybe retail shopping, but you get the gist – exercising was not my thing so putting in to this would be pointless (literally) and embarrassing.  However, one year my beautiful bestie, Nicole, took part and took to the water with her swimming and won!  Much like my husband, Nicole, has lost a sh*t ton of weight and looks amazing and is another inspiration.

I finally took part and although I didn’t come anywhere near winning I was in the top half and so have taken part ever since.  Last year when getting into the cycling and training I only bloody won it!  In the last one my friend from work, Danielle, and I were neck and neck and swapped from 1st to 2nd and suddenly from nowhere we were pipped to the top post by Patrick (slightly suspect final bout of points but we are not sore losers – much).

And so this week it began again!  I have started strong with a 10k run, three spin classes and a 1km swim.  I found this pic, which I love as I just adore Dolly Parton and also because it is probably similar to what I look like in my spin class…..why are you laughing?


Spin tonight with Emma was brilliant – Ministry of Sound music – loud and fast and such a good workout!  Made even funnier with the lovely man, who I have mentioned before, who makes the sex noises wearing the shortest pair of shorts possible for a man to wear in public.  Amazing!  It is like he works out and his inner porn star moan comes out by accident (to be fair in those shorts we are lucky it was only the porn star moan that came out!)

Back to the fitness challenge, I am not in the lead as Danielle has been running her little legs off (she used to be a runner) and swimming up a storm (she used to be a swimmer) and so I need to claim some points back on the bike (she didn’t used to be a cyclist).

It is good fun, a little challenge at work amongst friends and will help with my weight loss journey too – win win!

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